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Y/n POV:
Kendall is about 3 months pregnant now. As happy as i am about her pregnancy, her mood swings are very bad and she has very weird cravings. She hates chocolate but now recently she wants chocolate cake and chocolate bars. But as her boyfriend i will be there as and when she needs me. Although im very tired from work and everything i will still be there for her and cater to her needs.

While i was looking through some paper work, my assistant, Taylor, came in and told me she called the office. Since i was busy, Taylor asked her to called back. I already have a feeling she will be mad. She is always jealous of Taylor even though she is just my assistant. I have to admit Taylor is beautiful but i only have eyes for one girl which is Kendall. I keep telling Kendall that but she still thinks im into her. I picked up my phone called her.
[phone call]
Kendall: hi babe when are you coming home.
I miss you. When are you are coming home babe?
Y/n: i just have to go through and sign a few more paperworks. I will be home in less than an hour. And i miss you too. You are okay right?
Kendall: ya im fine babe no need to worry. But hurry up i cant wait to see you. And one last thing can you grab me some food. Im having cravings again.
Y/n: anything for u hun. Just text me what you want i will get it for you.
Kendall: thanks babe you are the best see you in a few. Love you
Y/n: alright bye love you.

Immediately i got a text from Kendall and she wants a lot of stuff. There is chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, pepperoni pizza, fries and potato chips. Normally when i ask if she wants chocolate cake she would say no but after having a human inside her she have been requesting for chocolate. Even her family find it weird. So after finishing my work i went to buy the food that she wants.

As i was getting her last food which was pepperoni pizza, i saw my assistant, Taylor buying pizza too. So i went up to her and started talking to her and i even paid for her pizza since she have been very helpful. When we finish buying I realize she is calling an uber. So i told her i would give her a ride home. At first she declined my offer but after much persuasion she finally agreed. Little did i know paps were every where and they took a picture of taylor and i getting into a car and all those pictures that are badly angled.

Kendall POV:
It have been over an hour and y/n still hasn't come home. I actually feel bad for always making him get food for me but i cant help it. I can see that his tired and i know he is not getting enough sleep. I remembered once i made him go to Macdonals at 3 am to get me food. Even though he is exhausted from work he still went to get it which i find it very sweet of him.

I was getting quite bored and a little frustrated waiting for him so i went on my phone on my social media accounts to see what is everyone up to. While i was scrolling through, something caught my eye. "Is Kendall jenner's boyfriend, Y/n getting close with a girl. Is he cheating on her?" That was the headline and immediately i clicked on it. There were many pictures of them getting in Y/n's car and one looked like he kissed her check. And i recognize who that girl is. That is Taylor his assistant. I knew it. I freaking knew it. He is cheating on him with her. I always asked him about her but he just told me not to think too much as they are only work buddies. He is the boss while she is only his assistant.

How can he do this to me. Not when im pregnant.
Tears just keep flowing down my face as i sat on the floor in our bedroom crying.

Y/n POV:
"Babe I'm home where are you love?" Usually she would be in the living room waiting for me. But today she isn't, which surprised me. So i went to the kitchen to put down the food and went to our bedroom. As i was approaching our bedroom, i heard her sobbing. I started to panic and i ran into our room just to see her sitting on the floor crying. Her eyes were red and puffy. "Kenny why are you crying love? Im here now are you okay?" I slowly hugged her. Instead of her hugging me back she pushed me away. "HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME! I TRUSTED YOU Y/N WHY DID YOU CHEAT ON ME!" She shouted as she hit my chest. I was confused as to why she think i cheated. "Kendall i didnt cheat on you how can you think i did..." but she interrupted me by throwing her phone at me. Luckily i caught her phone and it was pictures of me and Taylor getting in my car. Some pictures even seem like i kissed her. But in actuality i didn't. "Babe listen to me i did not cheat on you. I can call Taylor now and you can ask her." But instead of listening to me she pushed me out of the room and locked herself inside. "Babe come on you know how paparazzi are like they just like to come up with random rumors. I only have eyes for you i don't like anyone else but you honestly. Just open up the door please?" I nicely said as I didn't want to agitate her. "No! Get out don't talk to me i don't want you here right now please leave." She yelled from the room.

"Babe Taylor has a boyfriend! And she even denied my car ride but since she is very helpful to the company I insisted. So just come out and we can talk alright? And for your information Taylor's boyfriend is Cole. My best friend since kindergarten i would never do that to him so please know that i wont cheat on you. I love you too much to do that to you." I decided to go to kitchen after saying that to her. As i was about to go i heard our bedroom door open and i rushed inside to hug her. "Im sorry for doubting you. Im just scared im going to lose you." She said still crying. "Im not leaving you ever alright you have to know that. Im going to stay with you and be there for you." She looked up and smiled at me. I wiped away her fallen tears. "Okay now lets go eat the food I bought home. For a model you are eating a lot." I laughed. "Shut up its not for me but for the little guy inside of me." She frowned. I carried her down to the kitchen so that she can eat all the food that she crave. She grinned like a little kid when she saw all the food on the table and rushed to the table to eat them. I stared at her and realized how lucky i was to have her in my life. "Hun you want some?" She asked but before i could answer, she just stuffed a pizza into my mouth. Even with her weird cravings and demands i still love her. So the night went on with us eating all the food i bought.

After eating we went to bed. As i was sleeping, i felt someone poked me. "Babe could you get something for me?" She looked at me innocently and i knew it was her craving again. Although i was tired, I couldn't say no to her. So i got up and went to get her the food she wants.

Sorry this is little short. But i hope you like it and i hope that i met up to your expectations. If yall have any requests, feel free to comment and i will write the imagine based on your request. Thank you 🙏🏼

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