Note - Apologies and Thanks.

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*carefully comes in walking on tiptoes *sees a mad reader that waited four weeks for the new chapter that had been promised *twitches * dogeza!

*carefully comes in walking on tiptoes *sees a mad reader that waited four weeks for the new chapter that had been promised *twitches * dogeza!

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I am so sorry, guys!! Really sorry! Please have mercy!

I have been so busy with real life and, more importantly, I wasn't satisfied with the chapter I was writing. The initial plan was the start the ceremony but I kept feeling that there was something missing and it took me four weeks of rewriting the beginning until I finally figured it out two days ago. So, finally, the new chapter is almost finished! I just have finish some parts and will publish it tomorrow.

But first, I want to apologize for one more thing. In these last few weeks, there have been a lot of comments on the book that I couldn't answer because I was busy however, that doesn't mean I didn't read and love all of them. I did! my the middle of work.........

Oh, well.

As proof,

There was a reader that asked what is the relation between breast augmentation and Cardiology. The answer is in the next chapter.

The same reader pointed out that I messed up the name of James' father. Thanks, I will go back and fix it. : )

Some people asked me for the recipe of the pie crust in the first chapter but I failed to send it by pm so I will publish it tomorrow together with the next chapter. I am sorry for the delay.

Two readers noted misspellings. Thanks for that too. There is always something that escapes the editing. -_-"

A couple of people said they thought the book was original and that they liked it because I included things about medicine and baking. I am so glad guys! You all made the time spent in research worth it. (Yes, over-kneading is a problem. ; 3)

A lot of people got enraged with Mark in all situation in which he was being an ass, especially the "Are you ok?" in the first chapter. I laughed every time someone wrote 'Sure, dumbass', 'off course he is, retarded', 'How could he be ok?'. I love you guys! XD

Some people told me about the development in the technology to create babies with the genetic of both fathers. That was interesting! I am always eager for knowledge so if there is anything new let me know. ^.^

There was also a bunch of readers that wrote very wise opinions and arguments about prejudice and equality. I felt so happy to know that there are so many open-minded people out there. You guys make me proud!

And, of course, there were plenty of manifestations of love and support to James and Harry. Every time Harry saw someone calling him cute he would blush and say "Thank you." with an extremely embarrassed expression. James even felt a bit jealous and worried about all the attention his lover was receiving and started to act moody but I told him to stop being dumb.

I couldn't respond to the comments but I received and cherished all of them and I promise that I will try to go back to the older chapters, find them, and respond as many as I can.

Another thing I usually do but couldn't this time is to personally thank each reader that adds the book to a reading list or vote for it with a comment on their page. I am sorry that I failed on that so, at least, let me thank all you guy here. I am very grateful that all of you decided to spend some of your free time to read this book. It is a huge honor. : )

Well, I guess it is enough babbling, right?

I will see you guys again tomorrow, stay happy and healthy until then. ^.^

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