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"So this is what it's like?" Miranda asked as she cautiously took a step forward, looking down at the ground that had a transparent glow to it. 

"Pretty much. Take a look around, there's a lot to see and take in. It can be overwhelming sometimes."  Bill said pointing around to their surroundings. 

The sight was beautifully breathtaking with colors that were brighter and full of life. The sound of a beating heart could be heard and Miranda realized that it was her own. Her hand instinctively  reached up to her chest and the smile that was dancing on her lips turned into somewhat of a confused frown. She looked at Bill with her mouth slightly open. The look in her eyes was full of curiosity as she took deep breathes. 

"Can I see her?" Miranda asked with a voice full of hope. 

"Your lover?" Bill asked walking around Miranda until he walked to a bench that suddenly appeared under a large tree will half the leaves in the midst of turning red. "Of course you can see her!" He exclaimed smiling as he waved his hand in front of him with his palm facing the ground. Miranda watched the sight unfold in front of her as a swirl of smoke opened what appeared to be a window. 

Miranda's eyebrows squinted as she looked down at the ground with wonder. She began to walk around the opening that was forming but kept her distance for fear that she might fall or something. She looked up at Bill and tilted her head as she spoke. 

"What is this? How are you doing this?" She asked.

"Come sit next to me and you'll see." Bill said stoping the motion of his hand. Miranda walked to the bench and sat down still not comprehending what was going on. "Your lover is still grieving your loss. It'll take some time to heal but she's doing well." 

"My lo-" Miranda stopped mid sentence as she looked down and saw Madeline. Her heart felt like it tightened in her chest and her breathe hitched. There she was, all alone in her room holding a picture frame in her hands. Her slender fingers ran down the glass of the frame repeatedly. "Maddy." Miranda breathed out feeling an entire range of emotions overwhelming her entire being at that moment. 

"She's beautiful." Bill commented as he observed the pain and love that reflected in Miranda's eyes as she watched Madeline's every movement. Miranda unconsciously moved down from the bench and kneeled down on the floor reaching down towards Madeline. But her hand stopped when she felt the feeling of an invisible wall that didn't allow her to move further. "You can only watch. Not touch." She heard Bill say from behind her. 

"My Maddy." Miranda said with a genuine smile on her lips. Although she was far away from earth, Miranda felt as if Madeline was right next to her. Her strawberry red hair was braided and rested gracefully on her right shoulder, dressed in jeans and a plain t-shirt, and no make-up, Miranda laughed at how beautiful Madeline was. 

Miranda's laugh filled the air with overwhelming excitement causing and array of flowers to fill the once vacant space around them. A rush of cold air swept by making Bill furrow his eyebrows as he looked at Miranda. 

"I love her so much Bill." Miranda said. Except her voice changed and was now filled with a feeling of desperation. Desperation to hold the love of her life in her arms and tell her everything was nothing but a bad dream. This was soon followed by a wave of anger and the flowers that bloomed when Miranda's laugh filled the air began to decay and lose their color. The sky turned a darkish blue with streaks of black and the sound of bitter tears filled the air now. 

"I love her so fucking much Bill." She said in a rush as she stood up abruptly from the floor and looked at Bill who was taken back at her sudden change in mood. "She didn't deserve this. She doesn't deserve the pain I'm causing her. I want to be there Bill! I want to be there with her and tell her I love her!" Miranda half yelled pointing down as her gaze looked back down at Madeline. 

"Miranda." Bill said slowly with empathy. "We all want nothing more than to go back down to earth and hold those who we love. It's not possible and we have to come to terms with it." He said watching Miranda's tears run down her face. 

"What am I going to do? How am I going to live with myself?" She asked falling down on her knees as she cried. "How can I just sit here and watch her grieve my death? I can't do that Bill. I need to be with her. I have to be with her. I just have to." 

Bill's lip twisted trying to find the right thing to say. In all his years of receiving people into the world beyond earth, he witnessed people ask for the same thing, but nothing compared to the way Miranda asked. There was something different about Miranda's situation and he couldn't stop the voice in his head agreeing. 

"Come now." Bill said reaching to Miranda as he helped her get up from the floor. "Your lover's pain will heal as will yours." He waved his hand in the same motion and the opening in the ground closed. "Follow me." 


Hey guys! I'm excited to announce that this is officially the sequel to Until the End! I have taken the time to plan out this story and write something as moving and emotional as the first book. I'm really excited for you guys to read this story and hopefully make you guys fall in love with this book as much as the first one. 

I know I haven't been updating but you can expect updates for this story and my others more often during the month of December when I go back home for break. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all those who are still supporting my writing. 

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