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For once I'm happy to be in my shoes. The news came like a shock to me, you know like when you knew that something would happen and it did. Like why would this happen to me and my family? And why would it mostly affect me. My sister, my one and only sister died of an overdose. It didn't surprised me much as she was hanging out with the wrong kind of people, but she was a part of the family even through she hated our parents and moved out for over than 2 years ago. She only came and visited us once a year on my birthday, drunk and high as always, but she was here and it was all that mattered.

My mom and dad really wanted her to stay with us, but she hated them more than the plague. She loved me, her only baby sis. She told me that I was the reason se didn't killed herself because when I was born she had a reason to live. But now she's gone. Gone like the wind and I didn't had a chance to tell her goodbye, no one had.

Today we're going to bury her on her favourite place that only I knew existed. She said to me that she didn't wanted to be buried on a graveyard, so we are going to bury her next to a big cherry blossom tree on our neighbours big field. She was always there, reading or writing some poetry. She wasn't always like this you know, she was very intelligent when she was younger but she hanged out with the wrong kind of people and ended up dead only 28 years old. Her name was Amy, or more exactly Amanda brown. She hated the name Amanda so she change it into Amy. I'm going to miss her so much and I promised myself and Amy that I would grow up and be a successful woman. And a promise is a promise and I would never let her down. Never.

- - - - - - - - - -

*1 year later*

"This is just crap" I told myself and threw my CV in the garbage can.

I tapped with my pen on my desk and tried to think even though the traffic outside was disturbing me, I hate living in the city and I hate it even more at this time when the traffic is even more worse than it is at mornings.

"Okay Sam think" I said and took out a new paper from my printer machine. "Samantha Brown.." I wrote and tapped once again with my pen against the counter as I waited for a new thought to fill out the rest of the sentence.

"Baby why are you still up?"

"I need to get my CV done for tomorrow, and the fucking noise outside is not making it better" I sighed and pulled my fingers through my long brown hair.

"Relax you'll fix it babe" Lucas said and started to give me some neck massage as I tried to stay focused.

"Lucas I want to paint this room white, the brown colour makes it look so small and we definitely need to change the plastic floor into a wooden floor and the lamp here is so ugly I can't wor.."

"Whooah, slow down babe" he said and looked at me.

"I just want our home to be perfect" I said and sighed as I looked back at him.

"It will, but it's very expensive already and we need you to get a job before we start this big project" he said and rubbed my arms gently with his soft hands.

I nodded. I needed to get this damn CV thing done before tomorrow so I maybe could get an interview in the beginning of the next week.

"You're actually right this lamp is really ugly" he pointed out and laughed as he walked over to it and studied it more by details.

Lucas Hemmings, my one and lovely boyfriend since high school. We've been together for a long time since we both are 22 and live together in an apartment in New York. He's tall and blonde with bright blue eyes, the right opposite to me, I'm really short and have brown eyes and long brown hair. At first we hated each other as he was this football jerk and I was more of a nerd in high school, but everything I possible right? Me the nerd with both braces and glasses would end up dating the most popular guy in school? I know it sounds like this typical teen movie but seriously I was really ugly back then.

"I'm going to bed, I need to take a early shift tomorrow" Lucas said and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving me here with the ugly lamp and my dumb CV.

"Night babe, I'll be there in a sec" I said and went back to stage one. Writing my fucking CV. The room was cold and it didn't made it feel better, but at least the annoying sound from outside was keeping me company as I wrote as fast as I could before the clock turned out to be over 4 AM.

I walked quietly into our bedroom and crawled into the bed as quiet as I could so I didn't wake Lucas. Tomorrow is going to be a heavy day since it's exactly 1 year ago since my sister Amy died and I need to go home to D.C to my parents an keep them company until the day is over. I think that they never will move on and accept that Amy is gone, but I can't blame them. It's never gone a day that I haven't thought about her, not a single day have passed without me thinking of her name or her face. We played much as kids, she was always my mom or we would get married and I was the man of course. But she looked so beautiful in our moms wedding dress and it's a sorrow that she never will live that experience. I miss her so much and I will do my best to not cry tomorrow when we're going to her grave to place flowers that mom made pretty clear was going to be a new tradition twice a year, once on her birthday and once on the day she died. My mom is going to be there to replace old flowers and to bring Amy some new decorations and stuff every day, but like I said earlier I can't blame her. She always talks to Amy when she's there and she says that Amy have answered her once but it's sounds more like mom have gone a bit crazy. I can't wait until I meet my parents again and this time Lucas is not following with me there since he needs to work, but I think that everything is going to be fine anyway.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So that was the first chapter! I hope you liked it even if it was kind of short. These first chapters is going to be about the family before it turns out to be more 'rough' haha ;)

Thanks for reading!


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