The Wall

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I marveled at the sight of the great structure, we could see it before we were even close to castle black. I felt the swirling in the stomach grow as we neared the gates. We paused outside the gates and heard a horn blow then I gates slowly creaked and groaned open.

I watched as the men gathered in amazement to see a women riding into castle black.

My eyes wandered around the group of men, trying to find the person I was looking for.

My eyes caught movement as I stopped my horse and was about to dismount. Lord Commander Mormont was fast approaching me and my brother was right behind him. I quickly jumped of my horse and watched as the Lord Commander broke through the crowd, but before he could speak, Jon pushed past him and ran to me. He engulfed me in a hug picking me off the ground.

A cough broke our embrace, "I'm sure everyone is enjoying your presence, especially when you seem to be distracting them from working" Lord Commander Mormont's voice raised slowly through his sentence until he yelled the last word.

"What are you doing here Rhae?" Jon asked after we watched the other men disperse to their work.

"Yes, I would like to know as well...perhaps in my office" Mormont said.

I nodded and followed him to the stairs that lead to his office, Jon right behind me. There was a group of three men right by the stairs I saw them look from Jon to me in disbelief. When we reached the top of the stairs I turned my head over my shoulder and asked Jon, "friends of yours?".

"Yes, they know I have a sister... I don't think they were expecting.. you" He chuckled.

We walked in silently to Mormont's chamber and he sat down.

"Well why are you here Lady Snow" He said looking at Jon then me.

I grabbed the letter from a pocket in my cloak and handed it to the commander.

He read it in silence. He finished and put the letter down calmly and spoke, "So your brother needs men".

"Yes he explained it in the letter" I said unsure of how much I could say in front of Mormont.

"Very well, I don't have many, but as the King of the North asks...they are terrible fighters anyway, don't care to learn either".

I nod ready to leave when he asks, "Why did he send you though, a girl to the one place they are not very welcome".

I stopped thinking, "He sent me because I asked to, I can defend myself if you are worried of that, I have my wolf and my brother. I came because I wanted to see my brother, I know he is a brother of the night's watch, but he will always be my brother as well....and I've always wanted to see the wall".

Mormont nodded and chuckled a bit, "Well then I hope you have a nice stay" He nodded at Jon to take me away.

We left the lord commander's chambers and walked down the stairs to be met by our wolves you stood side by side just as we did.

"They look happy" I smile as they nip at each other in play.

"They missed each other" Jon smiled at me.

I grabbed his arm suddenly, "I didn't just come because Robb ordered...I had a dream" I paused " I saw you riding away from the wall, you were deserting, I needed to make sure you weren't going to do something stupid" I said.

Jon looked down guilty, "I did try to leave, my friends stopped me from doing something stupid, no need to worry anymore" He said.

I nodded and hugged him quickly and pulled away.

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