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FIRE is a trickster using charms of heat and light as magic, this is to hide a ferocious appetite and is it always looking, searching for ways to escape confinement to burn, sting, and roast victims causing enormous damage and pain. After FIRE eats only ashes are left.

#8 - Have you verbally told or written any of the FIRE stories before?

The FIRE stories came about when I went to Feather River Family Camp, 2005, the first week of August when the outdoors is hot and very dry. I told the stories around the first night's campfire to children and parents. Later, I presented more FIRE stories at night on the Open Stage. And I have a spot for evening stories in the Crafts Circle just before dinner, what better than FIRE stories.

After telling at Feather Family Camp, I told stories for Oaklandish, 2006, who were building pride in Oakland and having a campout at Oakland's Chabot State Park. The FIRE stories went well with the crowd of young adults.

Next, I told the stories for a birthday party, 2007. Parents of a young girl called me about stories; I asked if they could have a fire; the parents said yes. I narrated the FIRE stories around the pit and related how we must constrain FIRE because of the horror of eating everything. And now to show we have control.FIRE is held on candles on a birthday cake and blown out for a wish. The young lady liked the stories.

The last story about Bertha Digby was published in an anthology organized by the 4th Street Studio's Saturday Salons, The Livermore Wine Country Literary Harvest, ©2006. 'Saving the Woods' is on pages 67 to 69. My folktale honors a squirrel and all animals (a metaphor for people) who restore burnt forests that other humans destroy by one means or other.

The FIRE stories were bridged together by the desire for warmth and light and told monthly at a storytelling swap in 2008, which I helped run at the Orinda Library.

The folktales were written out for the April 2017 NaNoWriCamp were enhanced, modified, elaborated, re-imaged and bridged together around one of the worst predators, who eats everything, FIRE.

Now, the segued folktales are on wattpad, a great platform to connect with readers while writing and editing. Soon 'FIRE, the Hunger' will be posted on Bublish with 'bubbles' that appear on Twitter and Facebook for publicity.

#9 - How do you work on the stories?

First to find stories liked, then print them out, and read over and over to see if plots are suitable. I make what is called a 'Summary Page': how long the story is, my first sentence, my last sentence, a summary of the events, and where I told this story, adding notes about the telling that I need to remember.

If I have many stories on a theme like the FIRE stories, I make a frame, bridge, or a segue through them. That means, I plot out each story, what happens to humans and animals who get FIRE; have character bios as on FIRE, humans, gods, hummingbird, beaver, Grandma Spider, monkeys, hunter, Bertha Digby. A motivation chart on each developing their driving concern that moves the plot forward to the next story.

In beginning the gods have FIRE and humans and animals want its warmth and light. So, Hummingbird gives FIRE to the Pines. So then, Beaver gives to all trees. So then, Grandma Spider throws light into the night sky. Until the event, when a hunter steals the FIRE, because of human greed. The final event, FIRE burns up the forest. To the conclusion, a satisfying ending, Bertha Digby replants the forest.

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I talk about writing and storytelling. As a new subscriber, you receive the story charts that I use for plotting, character motivation, scenes, the framing or the segue, with the bonus of the hero's journey. There are about 12 charts in all. The charts are compiled from classes and workshops, who those who shared how they organize a story. I want to give this information to whoever wants to craft their best stories.

#10 - Will we be able to hear or read FIRE, the Hunger?

Yes, I like to say, 'coming to stores near you'. I do plan to e-publish 'Fire, the Hunger'  to Smashwords for their many formats, make a Print-on-Demand, and a Kindle for Amazon and audio.

The challenges at NaNoWriCAMP and Clarion Write-a-Thon helped me write the oral stories into written stories for reading and for someone else to tell. You can read 'FIRE, the Hunger' at Wattpad and Bublish.com. I do post blurbs about the stories on the www.StoryRealm and parts of this interview are on www.StoryRealm.com. Summaries of stories will be available on my website, www.Bobbiekinkead.com with a soon an ebook to shared for whoever wants to read the story. Also, I plan to tell the stories on my YouTube Channel and Soundcloud, this is farther along on my path. On a web search for BobbieTales or Bobbie Kinkead.

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