10 - Interview with Bobbie Kinkead

Start from the beginning

#4 - So what is the theme that holds the stories together?

Fire's personality is the theme. FIRE stays alive by eating, which is the horror of FIRE making it a monster. FIRE is a voracious, selfish, hungry, villain that has no guilt or shame and feasts on everything. FIRE eats oxygen out of the air, which is its very best friend.

FIRE's hypnotic power maintains a spell-bound entranced viewer. I witnessed this as a kid watching the hypnotic flames flicker back-and-forth sometimes glowing yellow or orange and maybe green or blue fueled by FIRE eating its wooden victims. As FIRE reached up into the sky often it sent out sparks to escape, in hopes of reaching the trees to satisfy its ravished appetite.

Where I now live, FIRE tried to burn the house next door and did damage our shed in the backyard. Years later a huge FIRE came from smoldering roots in the Park on the hill behind our house. The wind blew FIRE into flames, which roared down the hill eating houses and trees. When the ashes fall and smoke gathered around our house, I panicked. I took weird things, like our dogs, chickens, phones, frozen chicken, and all our coats. And all the photos I had because I worked on my Father's family tree. That FIRE was drowned by Firemen just two blocks away from our home.

#5 - How did you put the stories together?

First, I selected stories to prove my premise and compliment the theme, then arranged the order: the volcanoes and then the animals that helped get the light and heat and a hunter steals FIRE to the tragedy of that theft burning down the forest, thus making the god Kaang's warning true, "The human loss of harmony with the animals."

And for a constructive conclusion after the horrid fire ate the forest, I added a creative story I wrote about a squirrel, Bertha Digby, who replants the forest. Fitting because if you lived among trees, squirrels are the busiest of creatures planting everything they get their paws on. In my yard, they are always in the Oak, Avocado, Magnolia, or Camille trees. And if they could they would even plant apples and orange trees as they do plum trees. The squirrels carry flowers seeds on their fur and that scatter around the ground while they dig in the acorns, walnut, and avocado seed, which will grow into trees if not dug up for foods later.

#6 - Are you satisfied with the way the stories follow each other?

Yes, I have made a specific effort to use the animals' or human's desire for FIRE, at the beginning of each story to weave into the next folktale. The character's desire pushed the plot along. This is called the bridging or the segue. FIRE is desired for the warmth and light and how each character secured their desire, or not. There is somewhat of a time split between the Greek and Roman gods getting FIRE in their legends and how the animals secured warmth and heat in folktales from the Americans.

#7 - What are the lessons learned about FIRE?

FIRE is our enemy, who eats everything but treated as a hero, a treasure to be sought, a prize to have as if a best friend. FIRE is a monster and humans, especially children, need to learn this and how to control its hunger.

FIRE is never to be free, never allow FIRE out of any container holding it. By container is meant keeping FIRE in a hearth of the bricks or rocks like our fireplaces, or a simple dirt pit in the ground. We must always keep FIRE confined.

When finished with FIRE while camping, cover FIRE with dirt or drown with water. If cooking on a stove that uses gas flames, completely turn off the flame. If using matches, drown the burning part with water. If ever smelling smoke, investigate. Have a fire extinguisher ready and have the phone number of the Fire Department close. 


FIRE has an enormous, ferocious appetite, always hungry, and eats furiously. From the lava formed from melted rocks in the volcanoes to the lightning that dashes through the air; FIRE's priority is to consume everything.
 FIRE flickers with hypnotic light and dashes as it dances over a victim with penetrating heat to consuming its prey. FIRE is formless and raises up to the sky as if praying. While eating victims, FIRE chants with sounds like hollowed crackling, sudden pops and snapping, or a long rumbling hum. Sometimes sparks like diamonds spray quickly into the air reaching, this is to send FIRE to its next victim. Fire is dangerously beautiful, enchanting, and hypnotic.

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