13- Lemonade

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Zayn's point of view

I was in my tent. I didn't tell anyone about what happened. I cannot believe she got rid of these two kidnappers so easily, without any of my help!

Well, I must admit that these two monkeys were so dumb but still! They were kidnappers.

Asher came in just then.

"Oh hey" he greeted. Pah!

I just gave him a brief glance and nodded.

That guy... If I could, I would rip his bones one by one and feed it to hyenas in that nearby zoo.

He was the one who broke my trust and since then, never have I trusted anyone the way I did long ago. Maybe I did trust Cookie but I was sure she was worth it.

"So you like Nawsheen?" He asked, probably trying to make a conversation.

"Shut the fuck up and don't open your big ass of a mouth to me you pig" I almost shouted.

Yes you're thinking I'm the big villain here and you're all backing poor Asher up, right?

Let me change your minds.

So way before I met Cookie, back at my home country, I was really into a girl called Haifa. She wasn't a hijabi but I thought I loved her so I hung out with her a lot.

Asher was my best friend along with Rocco and so we were inseparable.

Then someday, I had to go abroad and while chatting via Skype with Haifa, she was dressed only in her underwear and told me she just had a bath.

Unfortunately for her, her lie failed as I saw Asher in the background wearing no clothes exept his boxer and as he didn't see me, I heard him say:"Why do you wanna marry that asshole? Just because he's well off? Pfft babe please!"

Then he saw me and I shut down my laptop immediately and, not being strong enough, I broke down completely. Girls were at my heels just because I'm rich. That made me think that no one likes me for who I was.

So I made girls suffer the way one once did to me and hated that bastard ever since.

At my boarding school, almost everyone knew who I was but apparently Cookie wasn't one of them.

That was what attracted me the most. She actually didn't care about my wealth and made me feel loved. For once.

That kind of girl is so rare and I am so lucky.

Unfortunately Cookie hangs out with Asher quite often and that isn't very pleasing. Now do you get me?

"Chill" he said and put on his earphones.

"Chill your dick" I muttered and went out to find that some friends were playing a game, including Cookie so I joined in.

I sat next to Cookie of course.

She jumped onseeing me but then relaxed.

"What game is it?"

"It's Alicia's idea. It's called 'Never have I' and the rule is that we take it in turns to say something starting with 'never have I', like 'never have I gone into the red sea' and the person who did it must go and drink a glass of lemonade!" She explained, her hands doing small gestures and her eyebrows focused on what she's saying.

Why is that cute?

"Seems fun" i commented.

"It is!" Alicia added and then we started. We were around eight playing the game.

"Okay I start. Never have I touched a guy's abs" said Amelia.

Three guys including me accompanied by a red Cookie drank a lemonade.

"Don't ask how" Cookie warned, noticing the looks of her friends'.

Haha the 'guy's abs' were mine.

"Now me. Never have I been drunk" said Cookie and some of them without me went to take a lemonade.

Yeah I have never been drunk.

"Next, me. Never have I fell in love" Alicia said and smirkd at Cookie and I.

I got up and noticed she did too and it was just us two who drank one.

"With who are you on love then?" I whispered in her ear but she laughed and went back to her place.

"Food"she whispered back and I frowned.

"Seriously?" I whispered.

"Hello? Zayn it's your turn! If you guys want to flirt then leave the game!" Marilyn said, exasperated.

"Yea yah. So well, never have I defeated kidnappers by inviting them to a picnic" I smirked.

She groaned and went to drink a glass of lemonade.

"What?!" Everyone echoed and she glared at me. I smiled innocently and said,"What happened Cookie?"

Then she related everything, pausing each time all of them would have a fit.

After that, I had a football match with some friends. Half of us would play in teams with the little thirteen year olds and the other half with the fifteen year olds.

I was with the thirteen year olds and most unbelievably, we won.

At night, I was out just after supper. I didn't want to face Asher again and so I was just sitting on the grass, admiring the plain meadows in front of me and the bright moon and stars. It was.. what was that? Oh, yeah, Masha Allah.

"It's beautiful" I felt Cookie say next to me.

"Yeah, Masha Allah" I smiled and she chuckled.

"Aren't you asleep yet?" I asked and she shook her head.

"Fel is -I mean, Felicia is talking to a little girl who seemed depressed. So I preferred leaving them alone for a moment." She replied,"What about you?"

"I'll go later." I replied quickly.

"I don't get it! Why do you hate that poor Asher so much?" She asked while I clenched my jaws. I cannot blame her, she doesn't know anything. I breathed in and out calmly.

"Look, you can tell me. You know, I'll never break your trust. I never did to anyone" She said reassuringly to me. Okay I can do that.

I related everything to her.

"But, aren't there other rich guys?" She asked.

"Yeah but me... I'm..." I hesitated. Should I?

"You're what?" She questioned, completely facing me now.

I love her and know who she is but she doesn't even know who I am.

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