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Bishop closed the door to his boss's home office door quietly, hoping to be able to leave the mansion without running into Ezra Kincaid, the heir of Kincaid International and the single most problematic person in Bishop's life.

Bishop walked down the stairs and a maid handed him his coat, smiling politely as she ushered him to the door. Just before his hand reached the knob the door opened and Ezra stepped through the door. Ezra must've just finished a run because he was glistening in sweat and his dark hair was damp and hanging on his forehead. His bulging arms were exposed in the sleeveless shirt he was wearing and Bishop did not stare. He stepped through the door and closed it behind him, clearly not about to let Bishop leave so soon. 

"Bishop." His name was spoken as a both a greeting and a warning.

"Mr. Kincaid." Bishop responded, polite and professional although they both knew it was anything but. The maid stood behind Bishop, clearly picking up on something she shouldn't be around and Ezra dismissed her with a curt nod of his head. Bishop listened to the fading footsteps, fully aware of the way Ezra was watching him.

"You can call me Ezra." Ezra took a step towards him, closing off the distance between them.

"I could," Bishop said stepping smoothly around him. "But then you wouldn't understand that we simply have a professional relationship, which I have made very clear, numerous times."

Bishop didn't make it far before Ezra had an arm wrapped around his waist. "I told you it wasn't an interested in a relationship." He whispered it against Bishop's ear before running the tip of his nose along the curve of it and despite himself, Bishop felt shivers running down his back and almost leaned into it. His stomach was fluttering with nerves and his entire body was warm which he knew was the first step until he gave into Ezra's advances, which was the last thing he needed.

Bishop put a hand on his chest and pushed him away. "Good evening, Ezra." He said, his hand lingering longer than necessary and the single second he lingered Ezra had already picked up the sign.

He stepped around Bishop and stood in front of the door. "I know that you're smart enough to know not to play games with me." He said in a tone that couldn't have been more laced with lust if he had tried.

Ezra had been going after Bishop for about two months when his father had first hired the young and incredibly attractive lawyer for the company. Ezra had watched as Bishop had singlehandedly destroyed a corrupt employee in court, using clever words and calm demeanor to throw the defendant off of his game and was Ezra immediately taken by the other man. It was pretty tame, just a look and a subtle attempt to seduce Bishop into his bed, until he found out from a friend who was a complete gossip that Bishop was apparently old fashioned and was taught not to have sex before marriage.

Bishop wasn't sure how people found out that he was a virgin, especially Ezra, but after Ezra became a lot more obvious with what he wanted. Bishop had done quite well with rejecting him, brushing off his sexual invitations and full out avoiding him which had gotten harder ever since his father had hired him.

Bishop had almost given in once, when Ezra wrapped his arms around him and whispered promises of pleasure in his ear until Bishop was trembling. Ezra's cellphone had rang which had shaken Bishop out of his stupor and he had fled immediately which drove Ezra crazy. He went to full lengths to stay away from Ezra after that, something that became difficult when his father began doing house calls.

Sometimes Bishop wished Ezra would just take him. They both knew he wanted it but years of his mother's voice in his ear made him decide to wait until marriage, whenever that would be.

Bishop could feel his cock stirring, the closeness of Ezra filling up his senses. He could smell the sweat on his body and even the soap he had used that morning and for some reason that caused a surge of want through his body. Perhaps, the lack of sexual experience made him easy to arouse.

Ezra took a small step towards him and Bishop couldn't bring himself to step back. "You're driving me insane." He said, his hand reached out and taking Bishop's coat from his hands and letting it fall to the ground. "You know that?"

Of course Bishop did but he was not about to say that. Instead he shook his head, his breathing beginning to grow unsteady. He knew he should be pushing Ezra away and leave but Bishop was relenting, tired of pretending he didn't want Ezra in every filthy way he knew of. As soon as he thought it, the practical part of him began kicking him, reminding him just who he was dealing with. Bishop knew Ezra only wanted sex, which he supposed was normal but it went again basically everything he had been taught.

"Do you know how many nights I spent thinking of you?" As Ezra spoke, low and intent, his hand went to Bishop's face, cupping it carefully as if he was fragile, his thumb slowly running along his bottom lip.

Bishop leaned into the touch and Ezra's other hand went to his tie and loosened it, all the while keeping his eyes locked on Bishop's. Bishop didn't push him away so he didn't stop.

"I could make you feel so good." Ezra spoke softly, but Bishop didn't miss the intensity behind it. Ezra was close enough that his warm breath brushed his lips and his hands were firm and unyielding.

Bishop believed him. If he could have Bishop falling apart with just light touches and a few words, what could he do if Bishop just gave in.

Bishop found himself really wanting Ezra to kiss him. He wasn't aware of himself watching Ezra's mouth until it started moving again, coming even closer than before.

"You smell good. You always smell so good." Ezra muttered, brushing his lips against Bishop's jaw, so lightly it made Bishop want to press himself harder against Ezra. "I've always wondered what you tasted like."

I'm only human. Bishop told himself. Even he had limits. Suddenly nothing else seemed to matter except Ezra giving him some sort of release. He didn't even care that they were standing at the front door with Ezra's father upstairs. He could tell Ezra to stop and leave, which was the rational thing to do, or he could let Ezra take him down the hall and do all of things that Bishop had only ever though about.

"Dammit." Bishop whispered, more to himself than anything and took hold of Ezra's workout shirt, pulled him to him and kissed him.

Although it was Bishop who'd started the kiss, Ezra immediately took over, pushing back until Bishop was against the wall, kissing him hard enough to bruise but Bishop didn't care. This was what he wanted after all.

A kiss shouldn't feel this good. He had kissed before with college boyfriends but it had never been so consuming. Bishop almost fainted when Ezra parted his lips and slid his tongue along his own.

Bishop's heart was pounding in his ears and hope was hard, almost to the point of pain. Now he didn't want to stop, not until Ezra showed him everything he had spoken of. Ezra slid a thigh between his legs and Bishop pulled away from this kiss, his mouth still open with a gasp.

It was probably much to soon but Ezra could feel himself so close to going over the edge. Ezra's mouth went to his throat, sucking lightly but enough to leave marks which Bishop found he didn't mind at all.

Bishop was burning, his body trembling hard, moans and whimpers falling from his lips. He found himself thrusting helplessly against Ezra's thigh, trying to create any friction he could.

Ezra kissed him again, different then the first. The first had been intense, overpowering, showing Bishop who was in charge. But this one was gentle, sweet and Ezra sighed, wounding his arms around Ezra's  neck. He pressed himself closer, craving the heat that came from Ezra.

Bishop was close. He could feel the beginning of an orgasm and he cried out, his body tensing and he buried his face in Ezra's neck.

Ezra thrust Bishop away so suddenly, he almost fell. Ezra took a deep breath, backing away slowly as Bishop watched, his eyes dark and his lips wet and swollen from kissing. His eyes were bewildered, betrayed. He knew Ezra played games but he didn't thin he could be this cruel. He had seriously been ready to give this man his virginity and it was all just a game.

Ezra shook his head and went back to him and kissed him, just a short, light peck and gripped his hand, squeezing it lightly.

"We'll have to get married first."

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