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      "hey seph, do you wanna dance?"

persephone had settled herself in a corner of the room, a martini clutched between her fingers as she awaited her best friend's arrival.

she knew he'd probably turn up with fiona (which she mumbled incoherent angry words about) but just wanted to see him. he'd been right — halloween just wasn't halloween without the pair in eachother's company.

she glanced up, eyes met with those of luke, who she'd met just this evening and gotten along with breezily. his smile was warm and welcoming, his crystal blue eyes staring down at her comfortingly.

"you know what, i might as well," she grinned, taking his hand and standing up to walk to the middle of the room, "yeah, thank you."

his hand curled around her waist and he pulled her a little closer, her hips swaying to the oasis song currently blaring from the speakers (she had selected the playlist meticulously).

they danced like this for a good two to three songs until seph's feet grew tired. "these heels are a bitch to walk in," she cursed, slipping them off her feet as luke handed her another drink and sat down alongside where she'd just sat herself.

"you — this is gonna sound weird since we barely know eachother — but you look gorgeous tonight, persephone. i'm not gonna try anything, but i thought you deserved to know."

it was in that moment that persephone noticed her best friend enter the house, with her latched on to his arm.

she'd tried not to let the harsh feeling of anger wash over her, trying to focus on what luke had just said. she placed down her cup, resting her hand on her lap momentarily.

"th-thank you, luke," she beamed falsely, eyes drifting back to his and her hands sliding up his arms to curl round his neck, "you don't look too bad yourself."

she pressed a small kiss to his lips before pulling away as the stirring in her stomach due to joe and fiona's arrival increased. why was she so unsettled?

her skin crawled with bitterness, eyes angrily set on the pair as they danced (though joe's eyes seemed preoccupied with searching for persephone).

"i get it." luke sighed, smiling faintly as he distanced himself from her.

persephone tilted her head to the side in confusion, "what?"

luke chuckled, lacing his hands with hers and lifting them both to point in joe's direction. "you love him."

persephone laughed nervously, her head spinning, "of course i love him! joe's my soulmate — like, totally platonically though obviously — um. yeah."

luke shook his head, "you're in love with him. i can see it even if you can't, and it's okay. you just need to tell him, seph. i'm sure he feels the same."

"if he did he wouldn't be seeing the girl who made my life misery for so long, would he? i'm sorry — i don't mean to be so bitter."

luke kissed the back of persephone's hand, his warm breath sending shivers down her spine, "you have every right to be bitter, love. but if you don't tell him while their relationship is fresh and you still have the chance, you might never get that chance again."

"you're right." persephone nodded, lost in thoughts of what the fuck she would say if she was to tell joe how she supposedly feels.

"i found you! finally," joe smiled, pulling persephone into a tight hug and pressing a chaste kiss to her forehead, "it felt like i'd been looking for you forever."

seph only beamed up at him, an odd feeling lingering where he'd just kissed her.

"dance with me then, you moron? it's the fucking beatles!" he pulled her a little closer and they began to dance. persephone said very little as she moved to the sound of george harrison's voice as  something played though the room.

"our favourite song," joe's voice was soft, as though speaking any louder would break persephone, and his eyes bored into hers intensely, "our song, aye."

joe grinned down at her and she felt somewhat content. his company was her favourite — and for a second everything just felt complete and she felt invincible.

do it. she told herself. just tell him.

but as she saw joe's eyes lift from hers to meet fiona's instead, she drew in a deep breath and mentally cursed herself. was she already too late?

she drew back from him a little and joe looked confused, his palms sweaty as he focused back on persephone for a second before his attention strayed again.

not today. she frowned. not today

ahhhh i hope that was okay
i always feel highkey insecure about fully written chapters lmao x
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