Chapter four

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Dear readers,

          I have planned another chapter for You all. It will be proved as great chapter. :) I am trying my best to think and write it. I know there are many mistakes occurring in this story. But please try to avoid them :)

                                             From your truly:-   Sobh_kh050

"Gotcha!" I found the way! I only need to wait for tomorrow's sun rise. Mom will go to find job and I will do my work, it's better idea! But I can't wait! That's only the way of getting my teddy bear from him! You can do it Taylor. 

It's a mission, this is a new warfare which is going to be started...

"Chances are there, not just to correct mistakes. But to determine worth." I run inside the room, switch off the lights and jump upon the bed. I need to wake earlier. My mind is crossing through many thoughts, but I am thinking that when to wake so that I will set alarm to make me wake up at 2:00 Pm or 3:00 Pm? I think 4:00 Pm will be alright? Is it? I set the alarm and I'm lying on my bed thinking about mission. Everything will be alright Taylor! I make my blanket over my face.

My eyes blink and the night turned into a new morning. 

I turn my weary eyes to the clock and it's... what! I can't believe. Am I in a dream? How can I wake at 5:30 Am? Too earlier? It's unbelievable to me and it means that my fate is with me? Fate depends on itself whether it's with me or not. 

"Fate doesn't ask you what you want, it's fate's choice..."  

I stand from the bed and go to bathroom. I brush my teeth, take a shower and now I am wearing black jeans, white shirt, black bag and black jacket. I made my hairs dry and open. Well, I am looking like a business dealer. I come out from my apartment before entering elevator. 
I open the elevator with my right hand because in my left hand, I have held my phone.

I have made my phone at silent mode, because there are too many messages and miss calls from Stella, which I don't want to receive. Finally, when I am outside the building and the destination is in front of me. 

The cold freeze air is going on because it's too early I have woke and there is no one on the street except cars and a-bio-tic things. It's starting of the winter and right now, it's having snowfall. 

I need to complete this mission! It is really important because Ruby is coming on upcoming winter vacations. It was her favourite teddy bear... 

"My phone rings" A message received from Jason:

Hey Tay!

Shit! I forget about my band, about my competition and about my band partners. How can I! I need to practice with my all companions, there are almost 2 months left for it. Thank you so much Jason for reminding me. 

Well, Jason is one of my band partners. We met at a shop actually the story is that...I was demanding some more discount from counter on a purse. Jason and I fought together for getting me discount and we succeed, I got discount just because of him. 

We have integrity. 

From that time, we became friends and 2nd time we met at fun land park in zombie tent. I entered in tent and found there Jason running from zombies, there were almost 7 zombies coming behind Jason. They were hazardous. Jason hid behind me and I punched on zombie's face so hardly and Jason also helped me in beating zombies because they were scaring us both. And then I invited Jason to become a member of our band. He had also come to London for our competition.

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