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"Where did you find this?" Marinette asked Springtrap

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"Where did you find this?" Marinette asked Springtrap.

"Chica wanted to play dress up and she used me as her doll and I found that picture.." Marinette blushed a bit "...I was terrified of playing dress up with Chica"

"SPRINGTRAP!!! Come here I have something for you to try on"

"Oh, God no..." Springtrap ran out of the room as Chica came in with a sparkly pink dress.

"Do you know where Springtrap is?"

Luna and Marinette shook their heads.

"If I can't play dress up with Springtrap I will play Dress up with you two"

The two immediately got up and ran away just as Chica chased them yelling.

"I can get a different one, one with pizzas on it!!! Just stay still!!!"

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