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"He's with Nancy!" Stella exclaimed, quickly glancing behind her to make sure no one was listening in. It was clear nobody was, as they were all hungover or exhausted as well. The Collins girl whipped her head back to her friends, who were all smirking. Stella's jaw tightened slightly. "How long have you guys been talking about this?"

"Since you two became friends again," Leilani piped up, her voice slightly hoarse. Despite her fatigue, there was still a twinkle in her eye as she got Stella back. "And besides, it's all over the school that they broke up last night at the party."

"So you just expect me to swoop in while he's still heartbroken, like a rebound?" Stella retorted, which caused the group to fall silent. Stella huffed, pushing her work away from her as she lost her interest. "Besides, he's one of my best friends and I don't like him like that. And, I could never do that to Nancy. What if she gets the wrong idea? I just can't believe how you could get an idea like that into your head!"

"Alright, calm down," Kevin chuckled and Stella ran a hand through her hair, before frowning as she felt an embarrassed sensation crawling up her being. Kevin reached over and patted her shoulder, and she sighed softly, her mind beginning to fill with thoughts she wasn't prepared for. 

She could still remember the feeling in her stomach when she was inches away from Steve at the roller-rink -- under the neon lights with music playing softly in the background and some sort of tension separating them. She could remember the screaming in her head, thinking of how wrong it was, how she was betraying everything she believed in then and there if she moved forward any more. But there was still a part of her the wondered what it would have felt like to have him hold her, to be willing to care for her. But that wasn't the case, and she had to continue reminding herself that. 

Steve was just heartbroken, and she didn't want to be his rebound.She didn't want to be wedged between him and Nancy, it wasn't fair on anyone


"Star!" Nancy Wheeler sprinted to catch up with Stella, who was skating towards the gymnasium. Her music was playing too loud in her ears, something by Cheap Trick bleeding through the headphones for Nancy to hear. The small girl reached for Stella's arm, surprising her slightly. Stella turned around and quickly stopped when she saw the clearly hungover Junior at her side. 

"Hey, Nance," she responded, ripping her headphones from her ears with one hand, as the other was holding her favourite book, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. The taller girl didn't really know what to do and say at that moment, seeing as there were certain events that happened last night that she wasn't sure if Nancy was aware of. "How're you feeling?"

"Like shit," the girl admitted, running a hand through her thick hair. In her other hand she gripped her textbooks, a bunch of subjects that would probably secure her as a future Nobel Prize winner, something much more worthwhile than Stella. Nancy shifted from foot to foot, an unsure and hesitant expression hanging onto her face. "Uh, I was just wondering if you'd seen Steve this morning? I know you don't catch a ride with us on Wednesdays, but he never picked me up."

Stella pursed her lips, realising that Nancy most likely had no idea that she had pretty much broken up with her boyfriend the previous night. "No, sorry. I was just heading to watch him and Richie's basketball practise."

"Do you mind if I come with you? I need to talk to Steve," Nancy smiled hopefully, and Stella quickly returned it, trying to push down the slightly guilty feeling rising in her chest. 

"Of course," the raven haired girl nodded, and the pair walked in silence, both of them unsure what to say. Stella used the time to rearrange the objects in the bright pink fanny pack that sat on her hips. 

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