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I suck at these but it's always needed.

Right, this story actually came to me around 11pm or something like that. I was at home, listening to something when *boom* Farrah got hit with an idea. Now since this idea is fresh in my mind I quickly went to go write it down.

This is a Mafia story. I didn't want to give it a cliché title, which included the words Mafia because this isn't going to be like a normal Mafia story.

Again, I have nothing to say other than a few things.

Warnings I guess:

-Mafia shit
-Smut (I'm trying, god knows I might chicken out when actually writing it, but 'innocent Farrah has changed into a pervert')
-One of the most confusing characters ever. You'll understand why once you read the second chapter lmao
-Very strong language, hence why this book is rated mature because I can't be asked censoring them which to be honest we've got to admit, does not look good.  F*ck. Sh*t. d@mn

Fun fact: Apparently the word hell is a swear word too? I didn't know at all until I came into the wattpad world and figured it out through books.

And most of all, if it's Farrah's books,  we can except more than one hot italian guy (:

Now to get on with the story,

Welcome To Savannah's Tape.

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