Chapter 35

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We stayed there on Louis' bed for a while, just tracing each other's bare bodies while talking and just enjoying one another's company. It was nice, really nice. It was something we'd barely had time to do before since it felt like the only thing we did otherwise was to stay away from each other.

However, when we heard the front door open on the bottom floor, we started panicking a little. And by a little, I meant a lot. Louis literally tossed me off his bed, making me hit the floor pretty hard. I looked up at him with a glare on my face, to which he shrugged his shoulders at. After that, we hurried to put on our clothes and fix our hair the best we could. The most problematic thing though was all our love bites that were covering our necks. Louis even had a red mark forming on his jaw.

While he tried to fix it up the best he could, I changed his covers and threw the dirty ones in the washing machine that we shared in our bathroom. That was pretty much all we had time to do before there was a knock on Louis' door. I hurried into my own room while he threw himself on his bed, acting as if he'd been lying there the whole time.

Through the walls, I could hear my mom's voice sounding unusually happy. Not that she never was otherwise, but the tone she was using had to be because of something specific. It didn't take more than a few seconds until she was knocking on my door as well. She poked her head inside, a wide smile playing on her lips. "Hi there, son," she greeted, opening the door a little wider so her entire body was visible. "Had a nice evening?"

I nodded my head."Yeah, just been doing some homework and some other stuff," I replied, shrugging.

"Alright, would you mind coming downstairs for a second? Troy and I want to tell you something."

I visibly gulped at her words. What if Louis and I had left any evidence of what we'd been doing down there? "Sure," I said, the uncertainty evident in my voice.

She looked a little confused about this but didn't say anything. Instead, she turned around and exited the room, closing the door silently behind her. I didn't even hesitate when I shot up from the bed and ran into Louis' room, wincing a little at the pain in my ass. It didn't surprise me that he was still lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling with wide eyes.

"Do they know?" I asked, panic lacing my voice.

His eyes wandered to mine, looking at me for a few seconds until he shrugged. "To be honest, I don't know, but judging by the look on your mom's face, she seemed quite happy at least. I don't think she would be happy if they'd found out about us," he explained, and his words instantly calmed me down because he did have a point.

The question that still remained then was why he was staring up at the ceiling like he was about to cry?

"Why are you acting so strange then?" I asked, sitting down beside him on the edge of his bed, reaching out to trace his cheek with my fingers.

A warm smile formed on his lips the moment my skin touched him. "It's nothing, I'm just worried what our parents have to tell us. It seemed quite important since she came up here the first thing she did when they arrived."

Again, he had a point. Since when did he become so intelligent? "That's true. What do you think it is about then?" I asked, generally interested in what he was expecting them to say.

He placed his hand over mine, lacing our fingers together. "No idea, but let's go down and find out," he said, hoisting himself up from the bed, taking me with him with the help of his hand.

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