Definitely Magical...not sure about the rest...

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"....Spongebob maybe that's not entirely true" Luna says to the unmoving picture.

"Luna, It's just Spongebob being a doofus not your problem" Springtrap pats her head and she rests her head on his chest, the two give a big hug just as Baby runs in yelling.

"OFF MY SENPAI!!!!!!!!!!" Luna and Springtrap both run away just as Plushtrap says.

"Now that is a women well except for Marinette if you steal her music box...." Plushtrap listens to the silence.

*Grim runs in and starts barking at Plushtrap just as Marinette comes in after him, she rubs his head then turns to Plushtrap she slaps him hard and yells*

"STOP STEALING MY MUSIC BOX!!!!!" She kicks him hard in the stomach then Grim says to Plushtrap.

"Can I have a treat?" Plushtrap rolled his eyes at Grim.

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