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The Matchmaker: Dakilang Torpe?!

The MATCHMAKER man meets his FIRST LOVE. Ngunit pano kung dahil sa ito ang First Love niya ay MATORPE siya? At hindi makapagtapat. Idagdag pa ang mga sikreto na dadating sa kanila. Ano kaya ang kalalabasan?

Jiro Ray Aguilar, part-time model/dancer/singer/endoreser but FULL-TIME Matchmaker, meets Nicolette Perez. The girl who they called as "One of The Boys". Will the Matchmaker Jiro be compatible with the One of The Boys' Nicolette. Let's see what The Matchmaker: Dakilang Torpe can do.

Genre: Romance, Humor

The MATCHMAKER: Dakilang TORPE?! (ON HOLD - REVISING)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!