Choosing three and only three

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"Nope, Nope , Nope" Luna runs away

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"Nope, Nope , Nope" Luna runs away.

"She doesn't like choosing out of all her friends but sometimes she can and it gets weird sometimes.." Springtrap says as Baby comes in and tries to snuggle with him only to jump and run away yelling.

"Baby, family can't married and I don't wanna!!!" 

"But Springtrap I read online you can get married even if you are family and I will make you..."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Springtrap runs away just as Marinette comes in.

"....You tried to get him to marry you again...didn't you?" Marinette sighs.

"Yeah I read online that you can get married even if you are family He is just delaying the envitable plus I already got my marriage plaque.." Hands it to Marinette.



"This is a picture of you and a glued Springtrap getting married...."

"Oops wrong one..."

"Just don't show me and also he has to love you back otherwise it doesn't all"

"All I heard from that was to try harder..." Grabs a pair of scissors "...SPRINGTRAP!!! LET ME CUT SOME OF YOUR FUR OFF!!!!"

"Oh god Baby really needs to get out more..." Marinette concluded as she heard Springtrap screaming again.

"I guess Luna is choosing none of the fighters so..." Marinette starts and then Mike runs in and says.

"I choose Marinette, Toy Chica and me!!!!"

"......Umm I'm leaving now..."

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