Who, Wait I know...

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"I am Bonnie" Bonnie says

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"I am Bonnie" Bonnie says.

"No, I am Bonnie!" Tonnie says.

"I am Bonnie!" Bonnie replies.

"So, who's the real Bonnie?" Toy Freddy asks them.

"I am!!!" They both day until Luna yells and says.

"I know who the real Bonnie is..."


*Luna points at Bonnie and says*

"He is Bonnie and...."

*Points At Tonnie and says*

"He is Tonnie"

"What about him?" Tonnie asks pointing to Springtrap.

"?" Springtrap just stares.

*Slaps hand onto forehead as they two argue about Springtrap*

"Not again..."

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