Blast To The Past- Cole

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Cole- 6  Y/N- 3

"Can i pwease go pway wif Cole!" You begged your father.

Lou sighs, "Alright, go on." He smiled.

"Yay!" You giggled and ran as fast as your little legs could carry you.

"Bubba!" You squealed and he picked you up.

"Hi sis! Did daddy let you play?" He asked.

"Wes." You said as he took you outside.

You giggled when he put you down, and ran off to play.

Cole played with his trucks, while you played around.

"Bubba swid!" You smiled.

Cole giggled and put you at the top of the slide, waiting for you at the bottom.

You slid down giggling like crazy.

After a bit you hot bored and walked off.

That's when you saw something, being only 3 years old you didn't know better. And you touched it.

Cole was still playing when he heard you scream.

"Y/N!?" He called as he saw you sitting on the ground crying, and trying to bat something off of you.

He saw the spider web stuck to your shirt, and ran over. "Shhh, it's okay there isn't a spider."

You jumped into Coles arms still crying.

He took you inside and gave you your favorite ice cream.

Lou caught this picture of you two as Cole read you your favorite story.

Lou caught this picture of you two as Cole read you your favorite story

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Let's just say, that's what started your fear of spiders.

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