Explanations. Part 42

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1st November 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Danny's POV...

Answering the kids questions after leaving the school had been difficult when I knew that the reason that they didn't know about their sister was due for the most part, their mothers fault in not letting them know. But I mainly said that I should have let them know from early on.

" Was that why you and mum didn't live together when I was little? Was she the reason?" Nolan had asked and for once I didn't care what Izzy thought. The kids needed to know everything thta happened years ago. So, after I made them sit down while Izzy was trying to distract them again, I told them the truth.

But not before I got fed up with their mother who was beginning to imply that Fai was the bad person in all this.

" Enough Isabelle! If you are not going to speak the truth to them, get out of the room and let me do it. If you continue to interrupt me, I will tell them everything." I snapped as I glared at the woman I have not shared a bed with since Alyssa was born. Seeing the bit of fear in her eyes when I said that gave me a little bit of satisfaction because I knew that Izzy had built up int he kids eyes that she was a perfect mother and wife, when we really knew different.

I looked back at the kids to catch them looking back and forward between the two of us with slight frowns on their faces.

" Now... this is not going to be easy for us, so please hold your questions until after I have finished telling you about our past. All right?" I said to them as I sat on the couch in front of them as they both sat on the lounge across from me.

Izzy sat on the arm of the couch I was sitting on and rested her hand on my shoulder which had me stiffening up. I knew what she was doing and lifted my hand and brushed her hand off me not caring that the kids saw me do it or not. I haven't liked Izzy touching me in years and I wasn't going to let her start touching me now.

" Where to start? Well... Years ago I grew up living up the road from the Osmanns. Fai was the only child for many years and she would always be found rummaging around in all the activities us boys would be doing since there weren't any girls living close by." I started to say to them as they both looked at me and giving glances at their mother who I felt was doing something behind my back with how the kids would suddenly flick their eyes at her every few moments.

Getting up, I turned and grabbed her arm.

" Daniel! What are you doing. Let me go." Izzy was trying to pull my hand off her arm as I dragged her to the door with her catawalling the way she was before opening the door and pushing her out. I didn't care about the shocked look on her face or that the kids were calling out to me from behind me in shock since I have doubted that they have never seen me do this with their mother. But enough was enough. I slammed the door in her face and locked it before turning back to my shocked kids.

" Sit. If your mother had left well enough alone, I would not have done that. Now, sit down and listen to me when I tell you that the most blame in all this lays on me. Not Fai and not your mother. Well, actually your mother does have a big part to play in this with what she did. But that is her story to tell you unless she forces my hand. So, don't ask. Now sit." I snapped at them both and watched as they reluctantly moved to sit back down where they were a moment later.

It didn't escape out notice that Izzy was banging on the door and shouting at us to let her in.

" Why doesn't mum want us to know? What did you do, Daddy?" Alyssa asked me with a frown as Nolan nodded his head wondering the same thing.

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