Part 138*

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The next morning Shravan and Sumo woke up excited. They both got ready to go to work with a smile on their faces. Shravan had informed the family that Sumo and him would be spending the night at Sumo's house and everyone was happy with the idea.

Once the plan was set, not much had to be done. As usual, Shravan went about to plan out the whole night of fun filled adventures that the both of them would do together, alone in that huge house.

The two went to SUMshra and PCT together, Shravan dropping Sumo off before he got to work doing his things.


Sumo entered PCT with an ecstatic smile. Pushkar had recently informed her that the construction to the old PCT would start soon which meant they would get their big beautiful PCT back and Sumo could finally give the current lot back to Shravan who was eager to expand SUMshra as well.

Preeta: Sumo! Nice to see you back!!

Sumo: Nice to see you girls too! How was Diwali guys??

Preeta: It was a lot of fun! But Sumo, you tell us. How was your first Diwali as Mrs. Malhotra???

Sumo: (blushing) It was fun

Preeta: (smirking) Just fun? Shravan didn't do something out of the world for his Jaan?? Come on Sumo, he had to have gotten you something!

Sumo: Well he got me this ring! And Pushkar bought me a car!

Preeta: Wow! Sumo you are so lucky! My D se Dhuridar got me a tomato for Diwali and told me to make him curry!

Sumo: (laughing) Awe!! My poor Preeta! I think you should start taking the love lessons you were giving me!

Preeta: (blushing) Anyways. What's the plan for today??

Sumo: Nothing much. Me and Shravan are just going over to my house to spend the night.

Preeta: Sounds like fun! But don't have too much fun! (winking) You know what I mean??

Sumo laughed and blushed as Preeta continued to tease her.

The two worked for a couple more hours until it was time for closing. Before Sumo could even finish up her work, Shravan was a the door with a grin plastered to his face.

Shravan: Hello my Snow White. Ready to go??

Sumo: (grinning) Not quiet Prince Charming. I have to lock up the place.

Preeta: Sumo you go, I'll lock it up.

Sumo: You sure?

Preeta: Yeah! Go!!!

With that being said Sumo and Shravan left PCT and headed to Sumo's house. A smile lingered on Sumo's face as she saw the familiar roads pass by. Shravan kept stealing glances of Sumo who's face was glowing with happiness.

Shravan: Excited??

Sumo: (grinning) Very!! I can't wait!!

It wasn't long before Shravan pulled up in front of the house that brought back so many memories for Sumo. The house that had been her first home ever since she stepped into the world. The house that held her parent's blessing and memories. Shravan parked the car in the doorway, rushing to open the door for Sumo. They both stepped out hand in hand and walked up to the front door.

Sumo noticed the sign on the side of the house which proudly said her name on it. No longer was this paradise of Sumo's belonging to Khosla. It was officially her's.

Shravan opened up the doors and led Sumo inside. Just as she set her foot inside a shower of rose petals fell from above. The entire room was decorated in fairy lights and candles and soft music was placing in the back ground.

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