Chapter 4

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This chapter and the next is a little short, and more filler chapters to let us get to know the twins, so to make up for that I will be posting chapter 5 on Saturday instead of next Wednesday.


I would say this song pretty much sums up my dear Alphas feelings<3

Kyle's pov

When the words the God like man was saying really sank in I start to panic slightly. What the hell am I going to do with a mate, a freaking God like Alpha werewolf mate? Leila is staring back and forth between us with a puzzled look on her face, so I would say she is as shocked as me.

"Untie them!" The voice of the wolf is gruff and he seems to have some sort of inner battle going on, if all the stories I have heard about mates are true my guess would be that the guys wolf is trying to take over and mate right here in the room. And as the men in the room finally snaps out of their shock they move pretty damn fast on the ropes on our hands and feet.

I am suddenly very aware of the fact that I'm naked, and the hungry look the Alpha has in his eyes are both creeping me out and heating me up at the same time. "If your done eye fucking me I would love some clothes, I have to say I feel like I'm at a bit of a disadvantage in my birthday suit" I'm trying to keep my voice as confident as possible, but that is a hard thing to do in a room surrounded by enemies and with a sexy beast staring at me. Hearing my words seem to snap him out of his reverie and his face lights up with a big smile, and I have to admit that that smile makes my heart beat erratically. 

"Sure thing beautiful, although I have to admit that I'm enjoying the view," he says, and the bastard actually follows up with a wink. An action that practically stopped my heart. I'm starting to wonder what the hell is wrong with me, I mean sure, I can appreciate a nice specimen of the male gender, but this is ridiculous.

A new guy enters the room and gives me a pair of sweatpants and a wife beater, and hands Leila a sundress. 

After getting dressed Leila takes the opportunity to give me a little pep talk, "You not only have a mate, but it's an Alpha wolf. Sucks to be you bro," she tells me and punches my shoulder. Oh, the comfort and love of a sibling, it sure is a beautiful thing.

I give her a shove in return, "Shut up Leila, remember karmas a bitch, just like you. So you shouldn't be so quick to gloat at my misfortune." It's clear that the guy heard us, if the slightly hurt look in his eyes weren't a clear enough sign then the fact that he has werewolf hearing, duh, should drive that fact home. In the awkward silence that follows we're just standing there waiting for someone to tell us the next move.

The Alpha, thankfully, seems to know what he wants, and I'm happy to see that it involves us getting out of this room. We are both asked to follow out the door and are lead through a hallway and up some stairs, to what I can only guess is fresh air and freedom. We pass by other cells on the way, and judging from the smell some of them are occupied.  Stepping through a door guarded by two intimidating looking men we are finally outside again, and the feeling of breathing the sweet smelling air after the putrid smell of the cells is beyond words.

"Our first stop will be the infirmary, we need to make sure that you are both healed and in good health," the Alpha informs us. We are followed by a group of warriors, the guy might be my supposed mate, but he is not big on trust. I can understand that though. We are tigers, and as such we are bigger and stronger than wolves. Him not trusting us tells me that the guy is cautious and I suppose that's a good trait in a leader.  

Alpha Anders's pov

"Our first stop will be the infirmary, we need to make sure that you are both healed and in good health," I inform our visitors, no, make that at least one permanent resident. There is no chance in hell I'm letting my beautiful Luna get away. I can tell that he is less than enthusiastic about the turn of events, but I am confident that I can change his mind. He must feel the mate bond right?  I think I fell in love with him the second I smelled him. I feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest and my wolf is howling with joy every time I look at the gorgeous man who will help me lead my pack by my side.

After the doctor I have no choice but to question them both, I need to know who they are and if they can be a potential danger to my pack. No matter how I feel the pack has to be my first priority. I already know they are brother and sister because of their scents and their physical appearance, but I need to know their story. Tigers can be dangerous creatures, they are famous for their short tempers and fighting skills, that combined with the fact that they are stronger than wolves means they can be quite scary to have around. Luckily they seem to be well behaved and have made no threatening moves.  

Doctor Gordon is a middle-aged human with a big smile and an efficient way of working, he is mated to a member of my pack. He gets to work and the checkup is done in no time. 

"Their wounds are pretty much healed, so they should have no lasting problems from them," he says after the checkup while they are getting dressed in the other room, "both are in perfect physical health and seem well fed". That's good to know, it seems they know how to take care of themselves. And now they have a whole pack of wolves who will help make their life as happy as possible. I have decided that if she is not a threat I will ask the female if she wants to join our pack with her brother. I know I will have to convince my pack that it's the right move, but I know they trust my judgment so I doubt I will have much trouble with that. 

I walk back in the room where they are waiting for me tell them whats next, "I know you guys are probably hungry, tired and you REALLY need  a shower," they both seem unimpressed by my last point, but say nothing "however, I need to talk to you both first so we will head to my office where you will tell me more about your selves and what lead you here. If I am happy with your answers you will be given rooms and food, but if I have reason to believe that you pose a danger to my family I will have no choice but to......eliminate the threat." I have to take a little pause before finishing the sentence because the thought of having to eliminate my precious mate makes my heart break and my wolf howl in pain. It will also without a doubt kill me, but my pack has to be more important than the life of me and my mate. 

We all head to my office, where I will find out if I have truly found my happiness, or my destruction.


I would like an Alpha Anders of my very own<3

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