Chapter 3

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Alpha Anders'pov

I've been trapped in this damn meeting between alphas for the last week, the amount of talking this group of grown men and women can do boggles the mind. Now don't get me wrong, I like all of them, but being trapped in a room with extremely dominating personalities for this long is grinding on my last nerves. We have discussed peace treaties, some packs have expanded to accommodate growing numbers, and after discussing options to deal with rogues and the growing threat of hunters the meeting is finally nearing the end.

And here comes the topic I dread more than anything; mates. I'm the only unmated alpha in this room and seen as a bit of a rarity. I'm 25 years old, most werewolves find their mate when they're 18. When I turned 18 and the age where my wolf would recognize it's mate I spent a year searching all the packs that would except me and I'm starting to fear that my mate might be dead. That familiar pain in my chest starts back up at that thought, and my wolf growls in pain. He wants the same thing I do, a mate to shower with love and to spoil rotten, have a bunch of puppies and grow old together. But the years keep creeping by, and the dream of a mate is getting more and more distant.

"My mate is pregnant with our second child," Alpha Sam says and the room fills with congratulatory remarks with the sounds of laughter and back slaps. 

"It's not fair, he is only 22, and already having his second child. I want my mate," my wolf Mads whispers before he once again retreats back to the corner of my mind where he spends most of his time these days. 

"I know the feeling buddy," is all I can think to answer. I smile and congratulate him myself, but I doubt I'm fooling anyone. As the room starts to fill with stories of the children already born and on the way, as well as loving stories of mates, I excuse myself and leave. I can't handle this anymore.

Luckily the meeting is over later that day and I can finally get in my truck and head home. "Ready to go home boys?" I ask the guys I took with me for company and protection. 

"Absolutely Alpha, there's no place like home," one of the younger guys says and smiles brightly at me.

About two hours into the ride back home I get a call from my Beta, "We just caught two tigershifters inside our borders, they have both been shot and seem to have been chased by hunters." 

"Tigershifters? Damn, that's a rare sight, keep them alive and don't harm them in any way, unless absolutely necessary. I will make a decision on what to do about them as soon as I get home. And boost the security along the border, I don't want hunters inside our lines!"

"Yes Alpha, I'll take care of it, drive safely," he answers and hangs up.

My Beta, Carl, is a good guy he's 26 and found his mate when he was 23. She's a nice woman, and when he found her he became a much more mellow guy. I still remember the day he found her. We where in an unfamiliar town and he got himself into a fight with a local, he would fight anyone about anything at the time. She broke up the fight and damn near had both men in tears as she had a good hold of their ears. For a human, she is surprisingly strong and feisty, and I really envy what they have together.

Driving for 10 hours is pretty tough, and if it wasn't for my werewolf genes I would have fallen asleep more than once. It may sound like I'm on some sort of power trip, but there is no chance in hell the Alpha is letting someone else drive.

By the time we're back home I'm tired, hungry and in a bad mood, so I figure I might as well take a shower and get something to eat before I greet our prisoners, they are secure in the cellars so it's not like they can cause any trouble where they are.

I walk inside the pack house and is greeted by "Hello Alpha", "Good trip alpha?", "Good to see you Alpha," and I smile and answer the pack members as best I can, trying not to be too dismissive. All I can think about right now is a warm shower followed by a nice meal, I would prefer to fall into bed and sleep for 24 hours after that. But I have tigers in holding and a mountain of paperwork waiting for me. Carl took care of what he could, but a lot of the papers need my approval before they can be filed away.

Stepping into the shower I let the warm water wash away some of my tiredness and wake me up. I stand in the warm spray a little longer than necessary before I soap up and rinse off, but I really need it. Getting out I grab a towel off the towel warmer and dry off, slip into some tight boxers and go with black joggers, a plain white t-shirt and put on my favorite sneakers.

I head down to the kitchen where one of the people on cooking duty makes me a big BLT with fries while I check my phone for messages and answer emails while enjoying a hot steaming cup of coffee.

I can't help but think about my mother every time I'm in the kitchen, this was her domain. While growing up I enjoyed countless of happy meals with the pack with her behind the stove, always smiling and taking care of everyone. She was a loving woman and the whole pack adored her, the perfect Luna. The love between her and my dad was amazing to witness and they had been married for over 25 years when he was killed in a rogue attack, after he died she followed 2 years later. She just couldn't go on without him. That's not unusual among mates, if they die it's like they take a big part of the other with them. Often they go crazy with grief, some die, and some turn rogue. 

Now, rogues are nasty creatures, they are wolves who for some reason or another gave up their humanity, they are soulless killing machines and a constant threat to all packs. Luckily they like solitude, so they are easy enough for our warriors to fight. But there are quite a few of them, so we are constantly on our guards along the borders, if even one was to come to close to the weaker members of our pack the results would be catastrophic. 

After finishing my meal I decide that I can't put off seeing our feline guests any longer so I head down to the holding cells, they are kept apart from the packhouse. In the event of an escape it's not safe to have them too close to where the kids and nonwarriors in the pack live and play.

Going down the stairs inside the cells is always a little unnerving, the smells that hits my nose are disgusting and makes my eyes sting. But as I move towards where the two new prisoners are held something else starts to register. The scent is pleasant, it's vanilla and oranges, and I can feel Mads getting really agitated, whining and growling in my mind. As I enter the room a pack member greets me, but that hardly registers because there on the floor is the only thing that matters in the whole world. Blue eyes are pulling me in and I feel like I'm drowning in them. He is dirty, covered in blood and grime, but he is beautiful! And he is MINE!


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