Chapter 2

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Handsome Kyle in picture

Kyle's pov

Shit, everything hurts, where the hell am I? I'm back in human form. I know I'm in a room of some sort, the smell of sweat, urine, blood and fear is overwhelming, so it's probably a cell. But luckily I can also smell a familiar scent, Leila is next to me, and I can hear her steady heartbeat indicating she is still out. My hands and feet are tied up and I have a hood of some sort over my head, so the only senses I can rely on right now is smell and hearing. And what I'm picking up on is not encouraging. We have been taken by someone, but who?

My first guess would be hunters, but the smell is not human. There is some trace of human blood in here, but that is not the freshest smell. Then something about the scent clicks and I get it, we are in the hands of werewolves. On one hand, it's better than hunters, wolves can be reasoned with, if we somehow ended up on their land we can probably explain it and be on our way. If this is one of the packs who doesn't just kill for their enjoyment that is, there are plenty of those. And if we are in the hands of one of those we will be tortured and killed.

After maybe fifteen minutes I hear Leila starting to move around, followed by groaning. 

"Hey sis, you awake?" I ask her, and get another groan as an answer. 

"What the hell is going on, where are we?" she asks me, her voice a little muffled by the hood on her head. 

"I know as much as you do, but I'm pretty sure we are in some wolfpacks dungeon," I tell her. 

"Shit, that's right, some freakin wolf asshole kicked me in the head, if I see him again I'm gonna tear his head off!" she growls. 

"Sure siss, let's say that's what you're gonna do" I answer her with a small laugh. Leila might come off a little rough around the edges, but I know her well enough to know that she's not gonna keep that promise. She might hurt him, but kill him? Nah.

We sit there quietly in the dark for a while. There's really not much to say anyway, we can't escape at the moment, so it's better so just wait and see what the wolves are planning to do with us. I have to admit that my brain is conjuring up some unpleasant scenarios involving knives, pliers, nails and whips, I really shouldn't have watched Saw, what the hell is wrong with the mind of someone who can think up that sick shit? And after a few hours just sitting there we both drift off to sleep. 

I wake up to the sound of a lock click and what must be the door to our cell opening, voices and the scent of two males drift our way. I pretend to be asleep and I know Leila is doing the same thing. 

"What the hell are two cats doing on our land?" a gruff voice asks. 

"I don't know, but it can't be good, those things are short-tempered and always brings trouble with them" the other guy answers. 

I swallow down a growl bubbling up my throat when I hear that, what the fuck is their problem? It's not like wolves are any better, they never pass up a chance to fight. 

"I told the Alpha, he said to keep them alive and unharmed til he got a chance to check them out himself," the first guy says. "He was still about 8 hours away when I talked to him, he should be here soon". They leave the cell and smack the door shut, leaving us alone once again.

"At least the Alpha ordered them to keep us unharmed, that must be a good sign that they are not the bloodthirsty type of pack" I mind link to Leila. 

"Yeah, I'm hoping you're right, but judging from the smell in this room they don't really shy away from killing either," I can't argue with that, the smell of fear is too strong for the people who have been here before us to all have been given flowers and been sent skipping off into the sunset. All we can do is wait and see.

Turns out we don't have to wait very long. Maybe thirty minutes later the door once again opens and the same two guys and three more men walk back in. I'm roughly picked up and placed on my knees, and judging from the growling and swearing next to me they're not being any more gentle with Leila.

"Will you calm the fuck down woman, no one is going to hurt either of you, at least not right now. So just take it easy!" I can hear one of the men saying. I can't help but smile, Leila can be quite the handful if she want's to be.

The hoods are ripped from our heads, and I squint at the light. As soon as my eyes have adjusted I look at the people in the room. They are what we have learned to expect from werewolves, tall, handsome and built. They look at us with a reserved curiosity, but no open hostility. And that relaxes me slightly, it seems like they are not planning on lopping our heads of right now at least.

I can hear footsteps moving towards the room, I can tell that it's a male and before he even enters the room a captivating smell comes drifting towards me. It smells like rain and cinnamon, with a hint of campfire, a clean and soothing smell. What the hell is that? Even my tiger seems to stop and take notice of the smell, and he really doesn't care about anything besides food and running.

Into the room steps the most handsome man I have ever seen, everything about the tall, muscular and blond-haired man is absolute perfection. When he's inside the room he stops takes a big breath and releases it slowly. 

"Alpha," the men greet the man with respect in their voices. He turns his eyes to me, and immediately they flash yellow telling everyone in the room that his wolf is close to the surface. He stares into my eyes and I fell a weird tug in my chest, and if it hadn't been hours since my last meal I would have figured I ate something bad and had heartburn. But the Greek God standing before me stares at me and suddenly growls out "MINE, MATE!"

Holy shit, tigers don't do mates!! 

Do we?


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