Chapter 1

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Beautiful Leila in the picture.


"Do you realize how stupid you look right now?",I just had to ask because I really think it's lost on my brother that he looks like a complete idiot wading around trying to catch a fish with his teeth because, and I quote said idiot, "bears do it all the time". I just watch him from land and enjoy the feeling of the sun on my fur and watching the sun glitter on the water surface, with the occasional giggle at his feeble attempts. Which comes out more like a sneeze in my current form. After sucking water into his nose making him choke and cough and damn near drown about a dozen times he finally gives up and drags himself up to dry land and plants himself with a huff next to me.

"Soooo, you hungry then?" I ask through our pack link looking at my wet and somewhat pissy looking brother. 

"Well my dear sister, whatever gave that away? Could it be me trying to catch a meal for the last hour?" is the ever so slightly sarcastic answer I get.

"I guess this would be a good time to tell you that I have some money in my clothes, and I could really go for a burger", I tell him and let out a lazy yawn. 

"Are you kidding me? You had money all along and just let me make an ass out of my self?"

"Well yeah, isn't that kinda my job as a sister, let you make an ass of your self?" With that comment I get a big paw slapped across my face, but he knows better than to try to fight me because he might be the male, but I'm the fighter and there is no way he can win against me unless I let him.

We both get up and shift back to our human form, and put on the clothes we left by a tree. We look pretty similar I guess, most people know we are brother and sister by looking at us. We both have dark brown hair, his cut short and mine a little longer than shoulder length. We both have tan skin, both muscular, but lean. Same high cheekbones and the same straight nose. I have a dusting of freckles, and I love them. The biggest difference is that he has the most beautiful dark blue eyes and I have green eyes, and I have been told by a nice collection of males that they are beautiful as well. 

Hell, there seems to be the general consensus amongst males that I am quite alluring, and I don't mind that because I enjoy male company every once in awhile. Especially two times a year when I go into heat, one time I was unprepared when it hit. I got so crazy I tried to mate with a damn bear, my choice was my brother or the bear, I still say I made the right call. But the bear didn't see it that way, I ended up unmated with some serious claw marks and a brother who still, years after it happened teases me about it. Family sucks sometimes, but I love the doofus, so I stick with him. That's actually really rare in the tiger world, but we lost our mother when we were 4, and when we survived together against all odds it just felt natural to stay together.

From time to time me and my brother get sick of eating raw meat or start to get on each others nerves, so we find a town, get jobs, usually waiting tables or doing dishes, so we can make some money and eat actual cooked food, go to movies, get haircuts or get motel rooms so we can take showers and sleep on real beds. Just because we live like animals a lot of the time does not mean we are animals. And since we are a bit more social than most of our kind we do well with people around us.

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