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Aidan's POV:




What did I do?!...

Ugh..I snapped at Jeni and cursed at her.

Now she is running with tears streaming down her delicate cheeks, I run after her to explain everything to her.

This all happened because of that bastard, Haden.

He was saying disgusting things about my girl.

Jeni disappered into thin air, I shout in anger and frustation.

Sam and Derek comerunning my way.

"What happened dude?"Derek asked me, "I lost her,I lost her, I lost her"I repeat only one sentence.

"Who did you lose?"Sam asks.

"JENNIFER, I FREAKING LOST JENNIFER"I shout at the top of my lungs.

They both stood still as they were used to my sudden outbursts.

Where are you Jeni?.

I want you,I need you.

Jennifer's POV:

I ran, And ran. Until I reached the graveyard where my mother was buried.

I walk up to her grave and read out loud:

"Maria Williams, Wife of Ethan Williams and Mother of Jennifer Williams".

I broke down, My knees gaving out which caused me to fall on my knees.

"Mom!, Why did you leave me?, This world is a cruel place, There's nothing beautiful about it. Its Human's are selfish and too quick to judge others by jumping om conclusions. I wish you were here, comforting me...Please come back"I say the impossible out loudly.

After me sulking in the graveyard, I went home and saw my dad was seated on the kitchen stool, His head in his hands and his legas shaking which meant he was stressed.

"Hi dad" I say in a soft voice.

"Hey Baby"he replies.

"What happened?"I asked him.


I was about to go to my room when dad called me back.

"Yes dad?"i ask him.

"As you know tomorrow's your birthday, I bought you a gift".he says.

"Dad you didn-"he cuts me off.

"Listen, I collected and saved some money to fullfil your dream and it looks like tonight it's going to be true"he says.

"What do you mean?"I ask him, confused.

"You wanted to go to new-york for your studies, Go"he says and i squeal loudly.

"Really!?"I ask him and he nods.

"How?,When?"I asked him in excitement.

"No yime for questions, Go pack your bag, your flight is tonight" he says.

"What!?"I scream out loud.

I run to my room and started packing, Once i was done, I thought about him.

It wouldn't be good to leave him.

"Sometimes you need to take steps, you don't want to take, but you know it is best for someone to maintain distance"Mom's voice rang in my head.

I quickly took out a pen and paper and started writing.

It was already night and my flight was in a hour.

I was seated in the airport's waiting lounge, When an announcement was made that all the passengers be seated in the plane.

I got up to leave my home,Child-hood, my mom and dad behind.

As i was about to walk in through the door leading to the plane, I heard my voice being called:



I turn around and see that Aidan was running my way but the guards caught him in time.

He struggled to get out of there hold, begged them.

"Please let me talk to her, it's important"he said.


I walk up to him and say to the guards:

"Can i talk to him?".

They both nod and when they left Aidan and me alone, He fell to his knees,Crying.

"Pl-please don't leave me, I don't want to lose you too...please".I remain silent.

"You made me feel how it's like to be in love"he says and i look up at him in utter shock.

"Yes!, Jeni i love you!"he says.

"But I am a self-centered *****"I said in a flat tonr.

"I didn't meant it, Please stay...I am sorry"He says.

"I am really very sorry"he says.

I feel guilt building in my heart so i kneel infront of him and say"Sometimes we are left with two choices, I am left with you or my dreams, you weren't there when i needed support but my dreams were, giving me motivation to stand up and fight".

"I am sorry Aidan but I have made my decision, maybe we will meet again if destiny wants us to"I say to him and get up.

"JENNIFER PLEASE!"He cries out but i don't turn around and keep walking.



The glass door closes as the last passenger also gets in and i turn to look at Aidan to see the place where he was before, Empty.

I sighed and walked into the plane and seated myself.

It is what i always did, Ran from my fears and life.

I am running and am afraid to face everything all together.

The plane took off and i just sat there, remembering mom's words:

"Be strong,Be brave,Chin up,Head high, Walk through hell with a smile,Don't let them see your pain"..

And just like that I smiled and made a decision to start a new life in a new place.

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