Chapter Eight

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"Have you seen him?" The voice over the phone was rough, impatient.

"No, and even if I did, I doubt he would have recognized me"

"He won't. That nerd of a doctor did a good job"

"He's the best"

"I can give him that much"

She hated how she had to keep in check with these phonecalls. They were becoming a real nuisance and didn't help in keeping her nerves at Bay.

"What time is it?" She asked hurriedly, eager to get off the phone.

"Five thirty"

"I gotta go"

"To where?"

She gritted her teeth in annoyance as the voice over the phone added, "you've got fucking work to do, don't go playing around"

"I am going to work" she answered, her brows knitting together in anger.

"Good. Just so we're clear there's no time to bitch around"

"Aye aye captain" she said mockingly and as Cynthia Polo hung up the phone, she slammed it a little too harshly down on the table for emphasis of the anger she was holding in.


The store wasn't packed and within thirty minutes after visiting with Cynthia, Amanda had gotten back home with two full bags of groceries with the things she'd need for dinner.

She had put the meat to thaw then seasoned and left it to marinate, peeled some potatoes that she'd be needing and got the other vegetables ready for use when she would start cooking later.

She had fallen asleep on the couch with the TV on and the ding dong of the doorbell woke her as suddenly as she'd fell asleep.

She glanced at the clock on the wall.

Five thirty.

Shit! She should have had dinner started. She was sure that was Cynthia at the door now. And where was Simon? He should have been home by now..

She rubbed her eyes and shot up from the couch, heading for the still ringing sound coming from the doorbell.


She smoothed down her skirt and opened the door to a smiling and well relaxed Cynthia, holding a bottle of Chardonnay.

"I didn't want to come empty handed so..." She held up the bottle and smiled widely.

"You shouldn't have but thank you" Amanda said, a bit embarrassed by her appearance. She knew she must be looking aggard and disorientated.

"Were you....sleeping?" Cynthia asked, scrutinizing Amanda up and down.

She cringed and answered, "unfortunately yes...I'm so sorry but dinner hasn't even started and I haven't showered or anything. I don't know how I fell asleep but I did wake  early this morning"

"Nonsense, don't apologize. Can I come in?"

"Sure...of course" and she stepped aside for Cynthia to enter.

Her hair was done up in a sleek ponytail and she had on a yellow and white knee length dress.

Amanda closed the door and turned to her.

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