(Love Live) Umi Sonoda x Reader x Nozomi Tojo

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This was requested by Silver_and_Witches. Before I start I just wanted to say that I couldn't come up with any ideas for Umi x Shy! Bullied! Reader so I'm skipping it for now. If I can come up with an idea I will continue it and write the part 2. Or if you have any ideas let me know. Thanks. Enjoy. P.s. This is going to be a longer story. 

*Your P.O.V.*

          I'm finally here! Infront of me stood the famous Otonokizaka High. I began to walk into the courtyard with the other students. I began to shrink into the background as friends started to meet up and began talking. Since, I was new and it was already a month into the school year, I had no friends. I easily found my way to the principal's office, where I was told to go.

          There I was greeted by Principal Minami,"Well, hello, you must be (Y/n), correct?" I nodded letting her continue,"It you will wait here for a few more minutes, my daughter and some of her friends will come and show you around".

          I smiled,"Yes ma'am". I remember of hearing a girl named Kotori Minami, but she was a second year and I'm a third year, but u shrugged it off. Not even a minute later a group of girls come walking in. There were nine girls, in total. The first girl that spoke up had gray hair and yellow eyes, just like principal Minami, so I assumed that was her daughter.

          "Hello, my name is Kotori Minami and I'm a second year," she  had a high pitched, almost squeaky voice. She then started to point to the girls behind her. The first girl she pointed to had blonde hair and blue eyes,"This is the student council president Eli Ayase and she is a third". Eli and I shook hands as Kotori continued pointing to a short girl with black hair and pink eyes,"This is Nico Yazawa. She is a third year". Nico just glared at me, so I decided to not shake her hand.

          Kotori continued by pointing to a girl with red hair an purple eye,"This is Maki Nishikino. She is a first year". Maki shook my hand while fiddling with her hair. Next, was a girl with orange hair and yellowish eyes,"This is Rin Hoshizora. She is a first year". Rin nya-ed and shook my hand hyperly. Then, Kotori pointed to a girl with dirty blonde hair and violet eyes,"This is Hanayo Koizumi. She is a first year". Hanayo shook my hand, then ran behind Rin. She was so cute when she acted Shy.

          Finally, there were only three more girls left. The first, that Kotori pointed to, had ginger hair and blue eyes,"This is Honoka Kosaka and she is a second year like me". Honoka shook my hand and moved to the side. That's when I saw the two most beautiful people ever. Kotori first introduced the girl with blue hair and brown eyes,"This is Umi Sonoda. She is a second year, also". We shook hands and I could feel how soft her skin was. It made me want to hold on forever. Finally, Kotori pointed to the girl with purple hair and turquoise eyes,"And this is Nozomi Tojo, student council Vice President and a third year". As she shook my hand I could feel the softness of her skin as well, but I finally pulled away.

          Kotori finished talking and Eli spoke up,"The first and second years need to head to class now, along with Nico, but Nozomi and I would love to show you around if you would like". Nozomi showed up next to Eli with a bright smile on and I nodded. The others headed to class and I followed Eli and Nozomi as the pointed to our classroom and a few other spots that were important, before we headed to class ourselves.

          When got to class and the teacher had me introduce myself,"My name is (Y/n) (L/n). It's a pleasure to meet you all," then I bowed to the class. 

          Everyone clapped until the teacher spoke up,"Please sit behind miss Nozomi Tojo and I will begin class". I said my thanks to her and went to were Nozomi was to sit behind her, but as I was walking I couldn't help but notice how Nozomi was smirking at me. I couldn't ignore it, mainly because of how cute it looked on her, so I smiled at her. 

*Umi's P.O.V.*

          Letting go of (Y/n)'s hand was the worst decision I have ever made. Not to mention how Eli made me leave. I wish I wouldn't have needed to go to class, but look on the bright side, I might get to see her at lunch. Since she is new, she only knows Eli, Nozomi and Nico, so maybe she will eat with them. One more class.. I just need to get through one more class. 

*Nozomi's P.O.V.*

          As (Y/n) walked back to the desk behind me, I couldn't help the smirk that appeared on my lips. What really took me by surprise was when she smiled back at me. She was making my mind go blank. How am I possibly going to focus on school.. I guess it's  good thing she is sitting behind me. Though, I am interested in seeing where this takes us. I'll just have to wait and find out.

*Time skip to lunch*

*Your P.O.V.*

          Finally! The bell rang for lunch to start. I was starving! But, I realized that everyone was sitting with there friends. While I, on the other hand, had no friends. I looked around and spotted Eli, Nico, and Nozomi near the from of the classroom. I wanted to ask if I could sit with the for lunch, but I  just met them and didn't want to burden them. So, I got out of my seat and headed for the door.

*Nozomi's P.O.V,*

          Eli, Nico and I were getting ready to leave to go to the roof when I saw (Y/n) leaving. So, I ran over to her stopping her,"Where are you going, (Y/n)?" 

          She turned to face me,"I'm going to find somewhere to eat?" To me it sounded more like a question and an answer. I looked back at Eli and Nico and they smiled nodding.

          So,  I turned back to her"Why don't you come eat with Eli, Nico and I? We are going to go eat with the other girls you met today". She smiled at me and nodded, following me and the others to the roof, after we got our food of course. When we got to the roof and I could help, but notice how Umi basically lit up, once she saw (Y/n). 

          Everyone ate and Muse decided to practice a little. (Y/n) watched, but I couldn't stop myself from messing up.. several times. I notice Umi doing the same thing. If was nerve racking that she was watching. I had to tak to her after school. I just couldn't stop myself from falling for her.


*Your P.O.V.*

          I began to walk home when two voice cut me short,"(Y/n)!" The voices came in unison. I turned around to see Umi and Nozomi running towards me. They stopped right infront of me, not even panting, so I turned fully to face them.

          Nozomi was the first to speak up,"(Y/n)! There is something I need to tell you".

          Umi, then, spoke once Nozomi was finished, before I could even react,"I have something to tell you as well". I was shocked that they both wanted, or, well, need to talk to me. 

          "Who wants to go first then?" I was so nervous and that was the only thing I could think of asking. Umi and Nozomi looked at each other. If was as if they could read each other's thoughts. I knew that they could, once they both turned to me smiling, though Nozomi's was more of a smirk. 

          They both turned back to me taking a turn kissing me on the lips, before talking in unison,"We fell in love with you. Will you go out with us?" I couldn't say no, so I nodded my head yes. The three of us walked home together and the rest is history. 

Weird ending. Sorry. Hope you still enjoyed. 

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