Introductions. Part 41

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31st October 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Danny's POV...

The first time I saw Fai's and my child was when we were at the graduation of Nolan and the boy Gavin who had graduated at the top of the class with special honors. The lad that came next to him was Nolan. But I didn't know that until I started hearing Alyssa start talking about Gavin. Then I heard Izzy start talking to our daughter and getting her to focus on her brother instead. Not that it worked that much.

Hearing my daughter snort in the usual way she does when she doesn't get her way before speaking didn't suprise me. But whta she said, did.

" Excuse me, mother. But I am going to marry Gavin Osmann any way I can get him and nothing you will say will stop me." Alyssa suddenly said which had caused a few frowns from others who were hearing her.

" I do hope that those two rude and ignorant ladies behind us shut up. They are beginning to make it difficult for everyone around them to enjoy the reason why we are here." A familiar voice suddenly said from the front of us. The lady in question turned back slightly and gave Izzy a bit of a glare before turning the glare onto Alyssa who cringed back into her seat a little.

It silenced them both for a little while, thank goodness.

Then I watched as the Osmann kid walked out onto the stage and stood at the podium before speaking out in a clear and confident voice. He look just like Fai and even sounds like her a little. But in a masculine way, of course. Then he gave the usual speech that the honor students give as the ceremony began.

After that, we watched as the teachers and Dean gave their talks before all the graduating students received their certificates. I clapped with each person who came out no matter who it was. But I couldn't be more prouder than Nolan when he came and received his before walking off the stage with a huge grin on his face along with a wave of his hand.

I waited with the girls until he came and found us before walking outside and once we did, it didn't take long before I heard some squeals and looking in the direction of them, I saw Fai hugging her brother with a large grin on her face. She still looked the same, sort of. Just a little older.

I didn't know how it was that I followed my eyes and a moment later, I was standing right behind her.

" Fai." I quietly spoke her name. She must have heard me because she suddenly turned and looked up at me. The last time we were this close to each other, I was only about an inch taller than her. Now, I am several inches above her looking down at her feeling a little nervous now that i can speak to her for the first time in years.

" Danny, what a surprise running into you here. What brings you by on such an auspicious and beautiful day?" She said with this sunny smile she always gives to me.

We both ignored the others who were standing around us looking at us. I saw her make a very slight glance to my side where she could probably see Izzy and our kids. But the smile didn't dim from her face. It was like we were still friends from the look she was giving me. But if I know anything about the girl who had been my friend years before, it was to be very careful when she does this. It's when she is likely to attack you.

And I was right.

" I heard that you got married. Gave in to maternal parental pressure did you? That will teach you to swim with the tarts. Sorry, I mean the sharks." She suddenly sneered at me.

Damn it, but she still looked good when she was pissed. Only now that she was older, she was hotter. I was somewhat shocked when she spoke like she did. Then I realised what she said. But before I could say anything, Izzy spoke. Which I think made things worse.

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