Chapter 52

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“So” she breathed down the phone, seemingly upbeat. “How have you been? We’ve hardly heard from you in ages.”

I paused – not really knowing what to say. I didn’t know if she knew what had happened, or if it was merely coincidental that she had called. If she did knew, my dad would have had to call her almost immediately after.

I was reluctant to speak, and part of me wanted to hang up the phone on her then and there, but after everything I knew that it wouldn’t be a good solution.

“Good” I replied simplistically, not really knowing what to say or how to act. I didn’t know if she’d even know and if she didn’t I didn’t think Matt would be best pleased if I told her. I didn’t want to anger him anymore, because then he’d never come back to me.

“How come we haven’t seen you in ages?” she asked again, a little awkwardly. I could hear the impatience in her breath as she waited for my reply which was, once again, paused.

“I’ve been busy…with school…friends…”

“How many days of school have you had? Two?”

“Well, yes”

“And how’s Midge? Do you know how she is?”

“No” I sighed. Her questions seemed to contain a hint that she knew what had happened, although I couldn’t exactly be sure if she did know or not. As she questioned me, I could detect a hint of sarcasm, cynicism in her voice, although at that point I wasn’t sure if it was because I was beginning to hate everyone or not.

“Have you spoken to your dad recently?” she asked. “I haven’t talked to him face-to-face, but I’ve called him. How is he?”

“I- I wouldn’t know” I sighed again, still unable to pick up whether or not she knew what had happened.

"Hmm. That's a real shame” she mumbled in response. I kenw exactly by that point that she knew something had happened between Matt and I.

The tone in her voice couldn’t have been down to anything other than that. It did however remain to be seen as to whether she would directly bring it up in conversation.

“Yeah” I responded, equally as ambiguous as she had been.

"I did see Midge today though...she didn't really want to speak much” she added almost as soon as I had finished. I couldn’t actually see her face, but I imagined that it was highly sarcastic.

Not really wanting to answer a question that would fuel her attitude, I decided to change the matter completely. “So how are you all?”

There was a partially audible scoff down the end of the phone, and as I sat myself back down on the sofa, I had to stop myself from exhaling deeply. I couldn’t be bothered to talk to her like that. I’d never actually seen her like that before either, and I didn’t like it one bit.

“Could be better” she sighed. “So Midge says you’ve stopped hanging around with her.”

I was actually pretty pleased that she couldn’t see my face by that point as my eyes rolled immediately to the back of my head.

“…Its only been two days” I trailed nervously.

“Well, a couple for girls from school were mentioned.”

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