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Nawsheen's point of view

We were in the bus, on our way to the meadows, and it was quite disgusting.

There were girls and boys dancing and singing, two or three couples were making out as the teachers were in another van. How I dislike these things. There was only one thing cute to watch here: William was supposed to be in charge but the poor thing was flirting with Sally who was blushing shyly. Aww so cute! I ship Wally, or Salliam!

Alicia was next to me and she was just stuffing her face with food. Asher was in front and he turned around so we could chat and Zayn was behind me, on his phone, ignoring Camille who was flirting with him. I really appreciate the way he doesn't flirt with any girl anymore.

"So you've never camped before?" Asher asked.

I shook my head. I was excited, to be honest, and hoped it would be memorable. My first time camping! Does that make me a loser? Whatever.

"It's going to  be cool,  you'll see, especially with your boyfriend around," he winked and I threw Alicia's marshmallow at him. 


"Sorry Cia," I apologized.

"He's not my boyfriend," I fired at Asher who was laughing.

"Who?" Zayn asked from behind, popping his head in between Alicia and I's bus seats. "You," Alicia pushed his head back. He popped it in between our seats again and laughed,"Of course, the term 'boyfriend' is underestimating my relationship with Nawsheen."

"Ya Allah... That's not true!"

The bus was now in a meadow. I stuck my face at the window, my nose and lips completely glued to the window.

"Masha Allah, this is SO BEAUTIFUL," I exclaimed. The others agreed, equally as excited as me.

"Come on we're here," Zayn said, getting hold of my hand. It was useless telling  him off, I tried.Inside, many fireworks were exploding inside me, like each time...He was like a supermodel and I was just a mashed tomato.

And he was holding my hand!

Alicia wolf-whistled in  my ear and I laughed.I cannot  believe  anything happening. It's not true.

We took our luggage and tents, then got down the bus and the teachers were here. They told us our tent mates.

I was with Félicia. Huraayy!!!

Alia was with Sally. Seems cool.

Zayn was with Asher. Uh-Oh. Did they do this on purpose?

We spent our morning setting up tents and ours was pretty fine. We did quite a good job and I even got to impress Zayn by pulling off a nail no one could remove from deep under the soil.

Then, we had a big second breakfast consisting of sandwiches and a lot of stuff to fill them such as sardines, roatrd chicken, sausages, salad and some more. After chatting, laughing and relaxing, we had a little free time.d

All of my class decided to have a game. "Truth or dare!" Shouted almost everyone. Oh nooo.... Why am I not surprised?But I played because I didn't want to be left out and didn't have much to do else anyway.

We spinned the bottle and it landed on Celia.

"Truth or dare?"

"Truth," she said. And the award of the most famous question aka "who do you like?" goes to... Madison! She asked, "Who do you like?"

Everyone asks that question. So original Maddie. She blushed and I mentally rolled my eyes. Wasn't she expecting that coming?

"Um...Zayn,"she said shyly. Uhuhh. Well then. That's awkward.

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