17;Don't kiss me goodbye

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William cares so fucking much. William loves Jersey, Jersey in different than Chicago. Waking up in Gabe's arms makes William feel loved. He's loved, he's in love. For the longest time, William thought he was unloveable, that's why he just messed around. William loved his parents, but he doesn't anymore. Just because someone takes care of you doesn't mean you have to love them, that's what they're supposed to do, you're their child.

Gabe kisses the back of William's neck, through the tangled limbs, "Good morning," Gabe says to the love of his life (in Gabe's opinion,) looking at him and taking him in for the beauty he is. "William," Gabe is holding their hands together, William looks really fragile, but Gabe knows he's not.

"Yeah?" William asks, looking back at Gabe with how I can only describe as all the love in the world. Gabe smiles, and snuggles his boyfriend more, "I'm kind of in love with you," Gabe says, William laughs, "I'm kind of in love with you too," William says.

Gabe rolls his eyes and runs his fingers through William's hair, "I love your hair," Gabe says quietly to William, "It's like angelic and shit," Gabe says.

William chuckles, "I've never heard that before." William sits upright on Gabe's bed putting on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, "Is anyone else home?" William asks Gabe, Gabe shakes his head, "Dad's on a trip, little bro is at a friends house." Gabe says looking William up and down, admiring his figure.

"Wanna take a shower?" Gabe asks William nods, "But by myself, yeah?" William says Gabe smiles, "Whatever you're comfortable with, angel."


"Why are you making breakfast so early," William says Gabe laughs, "It's 12 pm!" Gabe says, William rolls his eyes, "And you have vodka in a red cup next to you," William laughs, "Very Gabe Saporta of you,"

The scent of pancakes fill the kitchen soon, William smiles at Gabe, "I love pancakes," William says, "I also love your cooking."

"Don't you love me?" Gabe asks, kissing William's cheek, William rolls his eyes, "Sure, Baby."

"Are we going to do anything today?" Gabe asks, William sighs, "I need to tell you something," William says, Gabe's face suddenly becomes blank, "What's up?" His voice expression is blank.

"My dad wants me to move back," William's word come out as he looks down and the pancakes in front of him, Gabe sighs and sits down next to him.

"Bullshit." the whisper comes from Gabe looking his boyfriend in the eyes, "T-This is bullshit, Fuck your dad, You-fuck- fucking Chicago, the only good thing there is Mike fucking Carden and maybe Smashing Pumpkins!" Gabe says to his boyfriend, teeth clenching, hands balling into fists.

"Baby, stop," William says quietly to him, the deafening silence of them looking at each other, it makes William cry. "Please, You're scaring me,"

"William, baby, can't you just stay wi-"

"I don't know," William says, quietly not looking Gabe in the eyes, "I'm sorry," He says, his voice cracking, which makes Gabe wrap William in his arms, the type of actions that make William fall in love with him all over again.

"Don't say sorry, You're gonna be okay, yeah?" Gabe says, running his hand through his boyfriend's hair as the words come out, "This isn't your fault, fuck everyone else." Gabe says. Gabe detaches himself to look at William, tear stained cheeks and honey brown eyes, "Angel, we're gonna be okay."

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