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valentina_rivera: they're constantly napping😣

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valentina_rivera: they're constantly napping😣

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username1: i didn't need to live anyway

username2: ^ same

username3: daddy!seb kills me

finnnnskatata: #dedceased

officialelizabetholsen: the quietest he'll ever be

officialelizabetholsen: of course, i'm talking about seb

valentina_rivera: officialelizabetholsen of course

username4: damn seb needs to shave

valentina_rivera: username4 i've tried telling him

username4: hello 911 my mom responded to me and now i'm dead

username5: username4 rip

username6: but are sebantina canon yet??? i'm getting tired of waiting???

imsebastianstan: my little man💙


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