Chapter 10

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~Aisha's (Viviana) POV~

"Lindor chocolate! Aisha you're the best you know that?!" Atifa exclaimed as she unwrapped her Lindor chocolate.

"I know, just a small surprise."

Instead of answering me, she was too busy on unwrapping the second one and stuffing it in her mouth.

Waqqas came in the living room and saw his sister attacking the chocolates like they were some kind of prey. "Uh-oh. Who gave her chocolate?"

I raised my hand. "Uh, I did."

"Oh god! She'll go haywire and get a sugar rush." Waqqas said shaking his head. I looked over at Atifa who was sure enough jumping up and down on the couch already staring at her third chocolate she was about to pop in her mouth, with wide eyes and an evil grin. You know in those cartoon movies where the bad guy is staring at its victim with wide eyes and an evil grin on their faces, as they rub their chins thoughtfully thinking of what to do with them? Well, yea. Imagine Atifa the bad guy and the chocolate a victim. I crack myself up sometimes. 

Abdullah entered the house with a salam, and we greeted back. He saw his sister jumping up and down and already standing on the floor on her fourth chocolate. "What's going on with her?"

Waqqas answered. "She's eating chocolate and she's on her fourth one."

"Oh god no." Abdullah ran to her and took the bag away from her.

"NO WAY! Abdullah, I demand you to give me my baby back NOW!" What have I done?

"I'm really sorry, I didn't know she turns out like this when she eats something sweet." I said.

Abdullah shook his head while dodging the bag from a pouting Atifa. "No, its fine if you didn't know. We always hide these type of stuff from her when its around the house."

"Abdullaaaaahhhh, give me my stuff. I will tell mommy and daddy on you if you don't give it back!" she jumped up to her brother's hand where the chocolate was held high.

"Not a chance sis." then he ran upstairs with the chocolate.

She was glaring daggers at his back as she turned to Waqqas. She had an evil grin on her face while Waqqas was staring at her looking terrified shaking his head. "No. No. Please Atifa don't." He was backing away from her as she was walking closer to him like some kind of threat.

"Oh yes." she threw her head back and laughed evilly. This is pretty amusing.

Waqqas looked at his both sides and ran for the stairs as Atifa was hot on his trail. "Abdullah! Help! Please! Atifa is chasing me!"

Why are they yelling like this around the house, you ask? Well, their parents' aren't here; they're out of town and visiting someone along with Amar. And Wakeel is in his room. So it's only them.

"Sorry bro, no can do." I heard Abdullah say. I chuckled.

I heard a door being shut and someone knocking on it. "Waqqas open this door now!"


"Fine then!"

She was now coming downstairs as she was muttering some things about her brothers furiously. She went to one of the spare closets they have in their living room and got something out of it. The evil grin was back again as she was staring at a key in her hand and wagged her eyebrows at it. She went upstairs and couple of seconds later I heard her yelling at Abdullah and demanding him to give the chocolate back.

"I-I can't A-Atifa. Really you have to leave now. It isn't good for you." I heard him say while he was stuttering. Why was he stuttering? Can Atifa get that scary when she's angry?

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