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There will come a time when you believe everything is finished.
That will be the beginning.

Heaven is walking down the busy streets of New York to the bus stop. She's not allowed to be late, that's why she left her apartment thirty minutes earlier. She couldn't stop her feet from trembling as she sat down on the bench waiting for the bus to come, and take her to the other side of the city. The side where all the rich people and celebrities lived. If she was a teenager this thought would have excited her, but now after the only thing she could think about was her 3 years old son's future, celebrities didn't matter to her anymore.

After all she now knows how they are. They don't care about anything else but themselves.
Who would believe, that her son's father is the one and only Killian Black?

She never denied her feelings for him, even after everything she's gone through because of him. At first she thought it was just a little crush, but then after he showed her the love and care, that no one has ever showed her before. She slowly developed feelings for him. Feelings bigger than just a teenage crush. He made her love him, and broke her afterwards.


"He wanted my phone number, Fiona. I swear!" She told her best friend excitedly, as they sat in Heaven's room on the bed. "I can't believe that. Weren't you embarrassed of falling directly into his arms in front of everyone, and when he wanted to let you go, you clung on him like a chewing gum, so he had to get you inside?" She questioned. "I didn't cling on him, but I couldn't believe that I was this close to freaking Killian Black, and you want me to let him go?" Heaven was surprised by her best friend. She knew exactly what Fiona would have done in a situation like hers. She would have eaten the man alive.

"How was he like?" Fiona asked after a minute of silence. Before Heaven could answer the bedroom door flung open. "What are you still doing here, kid? It's time for you to leave, your parents will be worried." Heaven's aunt Rosa scolded Fiona. "I'm leaving now, ma'am." Fiona answered, and hugged Heaven before she left.

"Where have you been all day?" Rosa asked Heaven angrily. "I was out with Fiona." Heaven answered not wanting to give more information. "If you come back this late again I will make sure you get no dinner. Do you understand?" She scolded her to which Heaven nodded. "Without us you would be on the streets." Her aunt always liked to remind her of how her parents left her.

Heaven knew she only wanted to provoke her, so she can let her uncle punish her, but she remained calm and reminded herself over and over again 'it's just one year, Heaven. One year and you'll be out of here.' She was seventeen, and the moment she turned eighteen she won't have to stay with them. They only kept her with them, because of the money they got from the foster care system. Otherwise she would have been in an orphanage. Heaven always thought it would have been better if she was in an orphanage.

After her aunt finally left her room, Heaven lied herself down on her bed, and closed her eyes, letting her mind drift to a certain someone.

~End of Flashback~

She took a deep breath after standing in front of the big mansion, which belonged to her future boss, if she gets the job. She looked at her wrist watch, and saw that she's 10 minutes early. 'Better early than late.' She thought to herself.

A guard at the big fence, looked at her in confusion before he asked "Who are you?" Heaven grew more nervous after looking at the tall and bulky guard. She gulped before answering "I-I'm here for the job interview as a maid." She mentally slapped herself for stuttering. The big gate slowly opened, letting Heaven jump a bit. "Thank you!" She thanked the guard before entering the big foreground.

She slowly made her way to the entrance of the big mansion, and rang the bell. The door opened after a few minutes, and she was met with a short plump middle aged woman wearing a maids uniform. "You're here for the job interview, right?" The woman asked. "Yes!" Heaven responded smiling.

"Good, come in. Mrs Black is in her son's office, I will escort you to her." She explained. "My name is Georgina, by the way." She declared. "I'm Heaven." She said. "Nice to meet you, sweetheart. You seem like a good girl. Very beautiful too." Georgina said making Heaven blush. No one told her she was beautiful except for her best friend and Killian.

After a while of walking up the stairs and through some long hallways, they finally made it to a big double door. 'Here goes nothing.' Heaven said to herself after Georgina knocked on the door, and they got permission to enter.

Behind the big black desk, was a beautiful middle aged woman, with chocolate brown hair  and wrinkly but beautiful big brown eyes. She motioned Georgina to go, and Heaven to take a seat. "So what's your name?" The woman didn't waste a minute to begin the questioning.

"Heaven Adams." Heaven responded. The woman looked her up and down, which made Heaven's confidence drop a bit. "What's your age?" She continued. "I'm twenty, ma'am." "I think you know what you're gonna to do in this job, right?" "Yes, I'm aware." Mrs Black nodded before speaking again. "Good, you'll be getting a schedule of the rooms you have to clean every day, and a room for you to sleep in." A room to sleep? Heaven thought to herself. "Am I going to live here?" She finally asked. "Of course, you have to be at our service anytime." Mrs Black stated slightly surprised by Heaven's question.

"But, I can't." Heaven said in a low tone looking down at her lap. "And why is that?" She asked annoyed. "I have a 3 years old son, and I can't leave him alone." The woman looked shocked at her revelation. Everyone who found out that she has a son, had a shocked face expression. It saddened her.

"Well, you can go then, I will find another maid." She said nonchalantly. "No, please. I need this job to be able to provide for him." Heaven begged. She would do everything for her son, even if it meant to be downgraded.

The woman thought about for a minute before answering.
"He can live here with you. I'm sure here is better than the place you're staying at. Don't worry, while you work someone will take care of him." She offered. "Thank you so much, ma'am!" Heaven jumped from her seat from excitement. She was truly grateful. "You can begin from tomorrow, pack your things, and I will send someone to drive you here in the morning." She said.

"Thank you." Heaven thanked her again before she said goodbye and left.


End of chapter 2

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