Going To Hell. Part 40

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31st October 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Danny's POV...

I learnt very young that alcohol was not very good for me. I listened to my mates and when I found out that Fai was going to be sent away by her parents who thought they were doing the right thing and got myself a few drinks under my belt.

It didn't matter that I was under age at the time. I didn't care. Life for the past few months has been crazy. Me and Fai had lost our virginity to each other, which was something I will never regret. But it lead to me and her going at it like rabbits. We weren't very careful and of course, we ended up making a little baby of our own.

I can still hear my parents words when they were talking about an abortion just after we all found out that Fai was confirmed pregnant. But that didn't sit well with me and it certainly did not sit with Fai either. She was ropeable about it and went to town on both of my parents and her own just incase they approved.

Our lives had gone to hell and it was our own fault. No one else made us do this. It was all us.

" Shit, man. Why would you go and do something stupid like that for. Your life is over now you have a kid on the way." Grant, my team mate said one afternoon when everyone at school found out that Fai was preggers and I was the father.

That was the kind of thing my friends were saying to me nearly everyday we went to school. Once that shock wore off, I wondered how they found out. It didn't take long when it all came back to Izzy who told priscilla and Cecelia and before you know it, everyone knew. Fai didn't care at first, but I knew it bothered her. She was still just a little kids despite her maturity in most ways.

Then Priscilla had that bit of a fight with her and bit her because she was losing. Fai may have won that little bit of a fight, but it was the catalyst that made the decision to send her away a lot more easier for her parents. By the time she was leaving town, I had a taste for alcohol thanks to my friends. It was also that taste that lead me to do one of the dumbest things I have ever did. Apart from turning my back on Fai and our baby. That was my biggest mistake.

I realised that as I sat there sitting on the front steps feeling the worse kind of hangover with Izzy sitting at my side after we had spent the night screwing each other. I won't deny that she was good. Because she was. She has had more practice than Fai and knew what she was doing. So, she was sitting there beside me when I looked up and saw Fai slowly driving away while sitting in the car beside her father who I had been told was taking her out to the country to live with his mother.

I have to admit through the haze running through my head that i never thought I would see Fai give me the bird like she did with that look as she mouthed that she will be back. But I deserved it. I will never forget the look in her eyes as she gave me that last look before turning her head away. She looked so disappointed and sad, but at the same time was looking thoroughly disgusted at me. especially sitting there beside Izzy.

Four weeks later, the Parry's were then at our parents demanding that the moment I turn legally old enough, I would marry Isabelle since she is now claiming to be pregnant with my baby.

" How the hell would I know, I was drunk and Izzy wasn't any virgin anyway. She knew more moves than a hooker does. I wasn't going to say no to any skirt that night that came on to me and I didn't." I just said to them all before walking out of the room leaving them all to sort it out. I didn't care anymore about anything. I ignored the lot of them and didn't care about my life much at the time. So, I ignored everyone including my mates when they wanted to talk about my screwed up love life and concentrated on just school.

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