Who you are

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Self harm has been described as a physical expression of emotional distress.

If somebody is feeling overwhelmed with unhappy emotions, they may find that the physical act of hurting themselves offers some relief.

There is a huge amount of stigma surrounding the term self harm and the people who do it.

People deem it as stupid or pointless, its been said that the people doing it are just doing it for attention but its a real issue.

Everyday, the struggles are forcing real people to intentionally hurt themselves whether its from what they believe or from something that has been said by someone else.

Who here has ever been told to kill themselves? To die? Or even just been spoken to in an abusive manner?

And who here has turned to self harm as a way to cope, because you thought you deserved it or just because you felt like it was the only way to deal?

Don't let others push you down, determine what you do or how you live your life.

You run your own life.

And if its your own thoughts and pressures that are making you feel like this than just know you are strong.

You can get through this, you are worth living and you don't deserve to be hurt.

Everyone is here for a reason, everyone has a purpose to serve and everyone is important in some way.

Keep being you. You are important.

And most importantly

You are perfect.

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