No School For the Sick

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This prompt was given to me by the lovely larrybieberdreams ! Enjoy ❤️

Louis shuffled back to his Power Rangers-themed bed. His stomach made unhappy gurgling sounds as it flipped and sent stabs inside of him. His stomach was hurting him a lot that morning. He had already been to the bathroom twice and his dads hadn't even been upstairs to wake him up! This had only happened a couple times before. His Daddy and Papa had explained to him that it was a stomach bug. He really hoped that this wasn't the case.

Louis debated on whether or not to go downstairs to tell his parents about his problem or not. After a few minutes of thinking, he decided to just wait and try to sleep some more until one of his dads came to get him in a matter of minutes.

Meanwhile, downstairs, both husbands were enjoying a few minutes alone over breakfast before having to start getting themselves ready for work and the boys for school.
"I'm surprised Louis isn't awake yet." Harry said before taking a sip of coffee. The men rarely had to wake Louis up for school. He was usually up earlier than needed. He loved school.
"I know," Liam replied. "Speaking of him, it's time he and Niall wake up," Liam looked at his watch.
"I'll get the rascals up," Harry yawned and stretched as he got up.

Harry trekked up the stairs. He decided to go to Niall's room first as it often took him a little longer to wake up, and having an energetic Louis all up in his face in the morning was something Niall was not a fan of. Entering the ten-year-old's bedroom, Harry made his way over to the boy's bed, which was green and orange colored. Harry kneeled down next to Niall and gently ran his fingers through the blonde's hair.

"Ni, honey, it's time to wake up now," Harry whispered. After a few seconds, he heard Niall groan and he slowly opened his tired, crusty eyes.
"Mmm..m'up," Niall said quietly, his voice crackly due to the fact that he just woke up.
"Good! I'm going to go wake up Lou now. Daddy had breakfast waiting downstairs." Harry greeted. Niall was still a daddy's boy. His still referred to his father as 'Daddy'. He didn't care how old he was. As the papa left the room, he could head Niall groaning as he rose out of bed.

When Harry entered Louis' room, he was surprised to see the boy still cuddled up in the warm of covers of his bed. This was very unlike Louis. Harry thought he would at least be playing with his toys; something was off.

"Loubear, my love, it's time to get up," Harry greeted in a whisper, just like he did with Niall. Louis groaned, snuggling more into the covers. Harry frowned. "Louis, you gotta get up, sweetheart," Harry said in a slightly concerned voice. This wasn't like Louis at all.

After shaking the boy a bit, Louis finally spoke, but what Harry heard only made him frown in concern.
"Nooo, Papa!" Louis whined, opening his eyes slightly, only to close them, when the light bothered him and made his head pound.

"Why not, honey?" When Louis didn't answer, Harry tried again. "Louis, please tell me what's wrong?" Louis slowly sat up, eyes glassy and pout on his face. His hair was disheleved and he looked adorable.

"Don't feel good," The poorly boy mumbled.
"Aw, honey. What doesn't feel good?" Harry pouted.
"My tummy." Louis stated, clutching his stomach as another round of unhappy gurgling started up again in his stomach. Harry hearing the sound, and frowned.
"Poor baby," Harry soothed, rubbing Louis' tummy.

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