Chapter 5

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Three days. It had been three days since the night at the club. Three days since Rowan had talked to her father or her brother. Three days since she had left her room. And three days since she had seen Harry. Her mind hadn't stopped thinking about him, and she knew it wasn't going to.

She sat on her bedroom floor and flipped another page on the magazine, trying to keep herself entertained. She could have easily walked downstairs to find something to do but she wanted her father to just how much he had pissed her off. Her eyes scanned around the messy room, she hadn't let a soul in here for three days. As she continued to look around, her eyes caught sight of the dress she had worn to the club and she smiled picking it up. Holding it in front of the mirror, she spun around chuckling. As she did a paper fluttered to the ground and she stopped. She knew what it was, and she couldn't believe that she had forgotten about it. Hesitantly, she picked it up and grabbed her phone rushing to her bed. She dialed the numbers carefully, and it only rang once before he picked up.

"Hello Rowan." Harry's voice filled her ears and she smiled laying back in her bed.

"Hi Harry."

"How is my princess? Still hiding up in your tower?" She could almost see the smirk on his face, and she rolled her eyes.

"How do you know about that?" He chuckled and she heard rummaging as if he was moving papers around.

"I hear about everything. Why're you throwing a fit this time?" She sighed and sat up, her eyes landing on herself in the mirror.

"You know why."

"Crybaby." He said and she scoffed. She couldn't believe he wasn't on her side, after he had thrown the biggest fit of all time in the alley.

"Whatever Styles."

"Why'd you call King? Miss me?" She laughed and stood, walking towards the doors that led to her balcony.

"Something like that."

"I'd love to see you soon Rowan." He said and she couldn't hold back the smile that formed.

"Oh I bet you would Harry." They both chuckled and Rowan looked out around the outside of the property. Behind the house was where everything important happened, there was training rooms, whole garages full of guns or cars, and many other things she wasn't even allowed to know about. She sighed into the phone thinking of all the things that had happened in the last week, and her mind wondered to certain things Harry had said.

"I have to get back to work baby, I can call you in a little bit." Rowan frowned as she said goodbye and he hung up the phone. She continued to watch the backyard, not a soul was back here. She thought of how unusual that was, and then her mind wandered to what they could be talking about downstairs. Harry's voice filled her head, and the thought of her brother hiding things from her got the best of her. She stood and walked towards her bedroom door, opening it quietly she noticed no one was out. No guards, no workers, no one. Being as quiet as she could, she walked downstairs and towards what she knew as the conference room. She tried to press her ear against the door but she couldn't hear anything.

Rowan knew she shouldn't snoop. She knew that if anyone found her doing this, she'd be exiled to hell for the rest of her life by none other than Holden himself. But, she swallowed her fear and made her way to the surveillance room. She sat an empty chair and moved the mouse to turn the computers on, many rooms filled her sight. Many she had seen before, but there were many windows of places she had no idea existed. Her eyes wandered around the screen as she watched everyone meet in the large conference room. Everyone sat completely still as she watched her brother talk, movement on another monitor caught her eye and she turned to see rooms from another house. It was Harry's. She furrowed her eyebrows and watched his men move leisurely around, not knowing that they were being filmed and she smiled when his curly head popped onto the screen. Why did they have surveillance on Harry? Better yet, in his house?

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