I'm allergic to vampires! Literally.... Chp 16

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Chapter 16

"Hello sweetie it's been awhile." A woman said, walking through the porch door. Whoa....she was beautiful. She had long curly blonde hair. It was put up in a ponytail at the moment. She wore an incredibly short pink skirt that would show her butt if she leaned over. Her hot pink top stopped above her belly button and was cut to show off her cleavage.

"Hi there, I'm Candy, Adrian's mom." She said, cheerfully, holding out her hand to shake. "Has he been a good boy?" She asked.

"Um yeah." I replied, shaking her hand.

"Uh Mom this is Skyler. She'll be staying with us for awhile."

"Oh that's perfectly fine as long as your not fucking her on the floor."

"Mom!" He hissed.

"What? I don't want it happening where I can see, sheesh." I turned bright red, looking down at the ground.

"Skyler's not like that! Plus she's Galen's girl, not mine."

"Oh, I see, then where he is? He shouldn't leave her alone."

"Mom, Galen's body rejected his human side, he's a vampire now."

"Ooo that's wonderful news!" She shouted, giggling. What was she five? She had to be in her early twenties or something. "Your father finally agreed to turn me, see?" She showed him her fangs.

"That's great Mom." He mumbled.

"You don't sound too happy about it."

"I am!" He said, hurriedly. "Where's Dad?"

"Probably upstairs, honey! Adrian's home."

"Yeah I know." I jumped, hearing someone's voice in my ear. "So this is your new toy?" The man asked. He was really tall and muscular, way too big for me to fend off even at my level of training. The guy was ripped, I was guessing twenties too. He had dark brown hair, tan skinned and an accent I didn't recognize. Maybe Aussie but I wasn't sure.

"No Jeff she's Galen's girl."

"Hey, I'll pay you good money to get wasted." He said, crouching in front of me. My eyes went wide. His parents are crazy!

"No thanks!" I said quickly.

"Ah come on it'll be fun." He offered, tugging at the blanket around me.

"Dad stop! She's not like that!" Adrian warned. He sighed, getting up. He sniffed the air.

"She's human!" He exclaimed. "Amazing scent..." He said, lazily. "Why don't you give me some of that blood, precious?" He touched my cheek and it burned.

"OW! What the hell! What did you do?"

"Dad she's allergic to vampires."

"That's impossible." Candy said.

"Explain that to your injured hand." Adrian said. I cupped my cheek.

"Here let me." He offered, pulling my hand away and pressed his against it. I felt a tingling sensation and the pain disappeared.

"That ticks me off that he can touch her but I can't." Jeff groaned.

"Well then how does her relationship with Galen work?" Candy asked.

"Skyler why don't you tell her because I don't even know."

"We're bonded so I guess we're allowed to touch each other."

"Interesting." She muttered. "Come on, honey, I wanna see my bedroom, it's been so long." She took Jeff's hand and they blurred.

"Aw man my clothes are in there." I mumbled.

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