chapter 16

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Oliver's pov  flash back 8 years old

I hear the rain hitting the window, I hear it run down the side of the building.  I   to get out oh here the voices are screaming at me they been doing it for last hour, but there is that ones voices that is loader and I can understand him more. " come on oli let me take over I can get us out of here, like the other times." no no no just shut up I'm so tired of you " aww is oli getting tired of me, just remember who has kept you safe did I let anyone hurt you?"  well... " did I let the bullies hit you or your brothers or your father?" no Jake you didn't but you hurt people I love you hurt mom that's not cool. " I know I'm sorry I promise I'll stop" but you said that the last time and look where I'm now in here again.

" I know I'm sorry just let me get us out of here" but they said they can stop the voices though Jake.  " you don't want me anymore oli you don't love me anymore I'm not your best friend any more?"  I do love you Mike I'm just scared I don't want to be in here, " I know oli I promise I'll get us out of here just let me do it." ok Jake the next thing I know every thing want black then I woke up in my bed at home.

flash back over

So that's Jake at the age of 16 I got pills for the voice but for some reason I can still hear Jake and he takes over sometimes but I can stop it sometimes. He comes out when I'm really mad or just when no one is around, he's pretty nice sometimes I say I don't like him but I don't think I can live with out him. It's been a week since I said it was ok for Luke to hang with and I have football we haven't been able to hang out I miss him so bad, " you know he's fucking that NEW kid." Jake I swear to god if you stared this shit  " I'm just saying oli don't bite my head off" he says in his back off or there going to be some shit he thinks I'm scared of him, I used to be not anymore

I get out of bad, I take a quick shower then I'm off to hell well at least I get to see my baby. I'm driving dawn the road and see something I never wanted to see that fucking new kid has his fucking arm around my boyfriend mine I pull my car over and get out all I see is red, I run to them I think Luke can feel me coming or something because he turns to me he was about to say something but I got to this guy first I pushed him to the ground I was about to jamb on him but Luke grabs my arm

" please Oliver stop don't do this" he said in a scared voice " I'm only going to tell you this once go get in my fucking car right now!" I say he starts to shack but he looks at the new kid who as gotten to his feet I just realize how big this kid was and that he got some nice tattoos but something seems off about them, I look him up and dawn when I hear him laugh " see something  you like?"

I'm going to fucking kill him I go to walk over to him when I feel Luke again this time I don't I just push him to the gowned I look back at him " GO TO THE FUCKING CAR, DO NOT MAKE ME TAKE YOU!" I yell he's looking at the gowned I can see tiers running dawn his face. I can hear that other voice that sounds like my grandmother  " come on oli you need to help him help and say sorry." but then Mike always comes in " don't listen to her he did it t himself" 

I was thrown out of my thoughts by Luke getting up he's holding his arm, I hope I didn't brake it again. " Luke please don't go with him," the guy said I look at him who does this guy think he is talking to my boyfriend like that. I was going to say something when Luke said something first, " I-it's ok Jackson I'll be o-ok" I look over to him and he gives the new kid a weak smile. "bu" I didn't let him finished " well u heard him he been fine," I look at him with a smirk, he doesn't say anything to me. He looks around me to Luke " text me so I know your not dead and reamer what I told you."

What the fuck dose that mean I was about to ask but I see kids I know coming this way, I look at my car and Luke is in It. " I'm only going to tell you this ones don't ever touch him again or I'm not only push you." He just smirk at me and turn around and walk away, not saying I'm scared of him but there is something scary about him.

I get in the car, drive to my house I don't say anything I'm thinking about that kids tattoos. I look over at Luke but he's looking at his hands, to be honest I'm not even mad anymore. We get to my house, be for I let him get out of the car I say " I'm going to school I have football, if I get home and your not here.... You don't want to know." I say as I unlock the door he gets out and goes in, god I love him so much.............................

Hey guys it's Angela here I want to say sorry for not updating in a long time some stuff want down in my life. But I'm back so I'm going to be updating every 2/3 weeks. well I hope u like this chapter if so please vote and comment. Well bye bye for now........................

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