Chapter 7

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This chapter is uploaded very very VERY late, almost three years i think. I'm very sorry but i hope everyone would still enjoy reading this and continue to read and vote for this and any other of my stories :) I love everyone who has read this story, it was my second story I ever wrote I believe. And i use to not appreciate it at all but now i see that yes some people do like my work and thank you guys so much :) I'm continueing this for you.. Only with some slight changes


There was a strange man knocking at my door I wasn't sure if I should open it as I was home alone. I paced back and forth and decided to open the door.

"Let me cut to the chase you're Amnesty right? I'm your older brother and we need to talk. we're in danger."

Who the hell?! I hadn't even opened my mouth before he blabbered on about this

"What the duck" I slammed the door shut but not before he stuck his foot In between the door and the frame

" Look I know it sounds crazy but it's true I just need to talk to you." The guy said with wild eyes.

" How do I know you're not a druggie or a pedophile? How can I trust... Oh poop" he brought out a similar  necklace I did... I quickly brought him inside.

"How did you find me and why are you here"

"Your school doesnt keep a very close record of their students..." He trailed off as he scanned the room.

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