The hot water felt good on her skin and she lathered some shampoo in her palm and spread in her hair, using her fingers to comb through her strands and deposit it all over.

After rinsing her hair and bathing her body she turned the pipe off and slid open the bathroom door, making the steam escape hungrily into the bathroom. 

She wrapped her hair in a towel, hoping to get most of the water out before blow drying it and wrapped one of her bathroom robe around her still wet body, exiting into the bedroom.

Simon was gone and so was the tray. She heard him downstairs moving around in the kitchen and singing aloud the lyrics to his favorite Michael Bolton. The bed was already done and she went over to the closet to get some clothes on.

After selecting a loose fitting gray blouse and gray sweats, she got dressed and went back downstairs, all the while rubbing the towel on her head to get most of the moisture from her hair to it.

Simon was seated at the table, paper in one hand and another cup of coffee in the other.

"More coffee left?" She asked, feeling for a cup herself.

"Mhmm mhmm" he mumbled, transfixed by whatever daunting news he was reading about in the today's paper.

She went around him and poured herself a cup, staring out the window above the sink.

She had just finished and was about to rinse her mug when she noticed the black Honda accord pull up next door and watched as Cynthia Polo emerged from the driver's seat.

Such a luxurious car, and it fit her perfectly.

She screamed elegance and poise.

"Oh, she's here" she said out loud, dumping the remains of the coffee down into the sink and watched as it spiraled out of sight.

"Cynthia who?" Simon asked, finally turning around to look at her, paper down and resting on the table.

"She's renting the house next door, from Mr Brown. I'm assuming she got through to him because she just pulled up"

"Huh? She's new?" Simon quized.

"Yes, she is. Moved here from Clarkesville. Actually came to the store yesterday evening looking for a job" she said, folding her arms over her chest and leaning back against the kitchen sink.

"Why would anyone move from Clarkesville to BurghersBridge?"

"Beats me" she answered and shrugged, "but she seems.....nice enough. I offered her a trial week"

"Trial week?"

"Yeah...I'll let her stay for a week, see how she does"

"You sure about having a complete stranger in the store?" Simon asked and folded the paper neatly then got up, heading towards the sink with his empty cup.

She took it from him and placed it in the sink.

"I don't know but....she seems alright and being new and all, she'll need a job here"

"You already have Brianna"

"A pair of extra hands won't do any harm Simon"

"Fine" he said and raised his hands in defeat, turning to leave.

"She's very attractive too" Amanda blurted.

He laughed and turned around, meeting her gaze.

"And I'm very married"

"Happily?" She asked childishly and crept up to him, snuggling up in his chest.

"Happily. Promise" he laughed and kissed her forehead.

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