Chapter Seven

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The morning was cool and crisp. Aside from the usual chirp chirp! Of the birds and the distant hum of cars passing by, there were no other noises until Amanda dropped the hot frying pan in the sink and it made a sizzle like sound as the hot oil and water met.

She cursed under her breath as droplets of water splashed on her apron.

Saturday mornings were for sleeping and relaxing after a week's worth of working but today she decided to get up early and have breakfast going for Simon before he was up. She couldn't think back to when last she'd done an early breakfast on a Saturday morning and she sure as hell was in a good mood after yesterday.

Her stomach did a little flop as she remembered how much their lovemaking had moved her. She smiled to herself and started whistling a little, completely forgetting about the mess the water had made.

She had a small tray out with a plate of eggs, bologna and bacon with two slices of buttered toast and a glass of orange juice with a banana and orange, peeled, lying on the side. She untied the apron, removing it from around her waist and draped it over one of the chairs around the table.

Dusting her hands off on a towel, she poured a steaming cup of hot coffee, sugar, his favorite, and balanced it skillfully on the already full tray and headed upstairs.

She pushed the door further open with her foot and sauntered inside. The bed was still occupied with Simon's sleeping form and she smiled to herself as she watched the rise and fall of his chest underneath the cover.

She went over to the nightstand and lowered the tray on it, glancing at the clock behind the bedside lamp. It read 7:00 am. Perfect time.

She sat down on the bed and turned to look in his face. He was sleeping peacefully and she hated to wake him up. She watched for a few minutes as he slept, totally unaware of her watching him. Deciding she'd better wake him before the eggs and bacon got cold she bent and kissed him delicately on his nose.

He stirred but didn't wake.

She went lower and kissed him on his lips, pressing on them with a little force so he had no choice but to open one eye.

"Hey, can't a man get some rest around here" he said groggily and returned her urgent kiss.

"Not when I've made him breakfast in bed" she laughed playfully.

"Wow, what have I done to deserve that"

"I can give you a few hints" she said and winked naughtily at him.

He guffawed and sat up, resting his back against the bed's head.

His tossled hair and naked chest shone in the sunlight peaking through the window and she kissed him again. Passing around the tray she watched as he began devouring the breakfast she'd so carefully made.

"Mom's inviting us for dinner tomorrow" she began, forgetting to tell him about her mother's invitation which was the next day.

"Mhmm mhmm" he muffled in between bites of the bread and gulps of coffee.

"Assuming that's a yes, you'll make us go visit her" she said and got up, heading into the bathroom.

"Yeah....sure" he called back.

She stripped herself and got into the shower, making the hot water cover her from head to feet.

She seldom had much to do on days like these and they used to take Saturdays and visit her mom now and then, do some cleaning and stay in watching movies and ordering takeout.

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