Chapter Two

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I don't go to university the next day. I have a cold and the worst ever headache. Blame that interview (which is tomorrow!). I tell Hafsa to lend me her lecture notes and handouts in a few days time, if I make it out of that interview.

I spend the morning in bed, and the afternoon helping mum around the house. I do literally anything and everything to distract myself, but nothing seems to work. I'm very nervous about the interview, but I'm more nervous to see Zaid again after all this time.

At about 4pm, I change into my sportswear and decide to take a jog around the local park. Jogging always helps me clear my mind. I'm a girly girl, as I love fashion and makeup, but I also love to stay fit.

But today, even a jog around the park can't help me. I return home only half an hour later. I decide to take another nap. At least I'll forget about Zaid and the interview for just a small amount of time when I'm asleep. That's if I don't dream about them, too. Mum tells me to eat, I tell her I will after I've taken a nap.

I'm lying in bed, thinking about what tomorrow will bring. You know what? I'll tell you some of what happened with Hamza. I'll tell you the 'not-so-bad' stuff. The rest I can't talk about.

Hamza was my fiancé. I know I'm 19 and you all may be thinking why? I was happy. I was only 18 when I got engaged to Hamza last December, but I was perfectly happy. My parents were happy. I had thought that he was the perfect guy for me. But how wrong I was. We were supposed to be getting married in June, and I found out the truth about him in May, a month before we were to marry. I had bought all my wedding jewellery, clothes, I had even bought my wedding dress. After I found out the truth, I burnt everything. Everything which connected me to him, I destroyed.

At the start of our so-called relationship, he was a very sweet guy. Very caring, helpful, kind, I thought he was perfect. I felt lucky that I was getting married to him. Now I laugh at how wrong I was. How did I not see the truth about him? We were together for five months before I found out the truth.

Anyway, his family came to my house to ask for my hand in marriage for Hamza. My parents were happy with the proposal, but of course they answered saying it's my choice and they will be happy with whatever I say. So, I thought about the proposal for a few days, and I met up and talked to Hamza a few times. He seemed like a good, caring guy. So I agreed to the proposal.

Onto why I broke the engagement. I was at a birthday party of one of my close college friends. It was Mariyah's party, and it was one of those parties where everyone comes. I remember that I was wearing a beautiful green maxi dress that day. Hamza was wearing a black suit, and he looked quite nice. Now, he disgusts me.

A random girl in the party accidentally spilled her soft drink on the front of my dress, and I had to go and clean up. So I went upstairs to the bathroom, cleaned up as best as I could, and then went back downstairs.

I hadn't been in this house before, as Mariyah had recently moved home. This house was enormous, almost like a mansion. I lost my way, I ended up coming down the wrong staircase which led me to the back of the house. I was confused, no one was there at all. I had thought that maybe the party had ended, but it only started an hour ago. I started to make my way around, and that's when I heard him.

His voice sounded so different, that at first I was unsure it was him. Then I saw him. He was standing behind a pillar, with a girl. They were standing too close. What was going on?

'Yes, baby, of course I will come to meet your parents. Very soon,' he murmured. She grinned and kissed him, on the mouth. What?! He kissed her back, it was obvious that he was enjoying it very much.

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