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Zayn's point of view

I felt soft hands running through my hair and then it shuffled my hair slightly.

"Wake up" she whispered and I smiled, half-asleep. I opened my eyes and saw her smiling down at me.

I smiled at her and she blushed and looked away.

"Goommoning" i mumbled and she chuckled.

I felt so good. This was the best morning I ever had. Being woken up by her, seeing her smile and making me smile. Oh god this is such a dreamy morning.

"Heyy" she said smoothly.

"Did your neck break?" She asked and laughed.

Oh yeah I slept in the same position all night. Dannie tried to take me elsewhere but there was no way I was leaving my Cookie.

"I slept perfectly. OH are you fine?" I asked.

She nodded but suddenly looked sad.

"Hey, what happened?" I asked.

"Nothing" she  sighed and smiled feebly.

I don't understand. Something's clearly wrong so WHY do most girls say 'nothing' when they are not fine???

"You can trust me, I won't laugh", I said and she finally told me.

"It's so silly. I... want to talk to my parents. I miss them so much."

"You can try later when Thais gives you your mobile. Just know that... you can count on me everytime" I said slowly and hugged her tightly.

She closed her eyes and let me hug her.

Just then, Dannie had to come it.

"Sorry my boy, you have to attend your classes today" she said and came in with Cookie's breakfast.

I nodded, "See you later beautiful" and pecked her nose before leaving.

I would have kissed her but it went wrong last time so it'd be safer not try now.

"Goodbye" she chirped silently and smiled at Dannie. I left hesitantly.

Nawhseen's point of view

He reluctantly left.  Fortunately, she let me wear a hijab and my clothing was simply a long dotted dress which was comfortable.

"He is different. You have changed him" Dannie smiled at me while handing me my breakfast.

"Me? How?" I asked, genuinely confused. Wasn't he like that before?

She laughed.

"We, staff members, notice a lot about our children. We've noticed that Zayn is much more smooth with girls than he was. Especially you. He treats you like, now don't laugh at me but, he treats you like you're a gem, a rare and fragile precious princess. It's nice to see him like that. Very nice. You did a great job. And he did too" Dannie said.

"And what did he do?" I asked, listening carefully.

"You're not so nerdy now and more extrovert. You're more independent too. Thanks to him" She explained and went out.

"Now have some rest"

"Okay, thanks Dannie" I said.

Why is everyone talking so positively about us? Isn't that strange? I mean, my love life canno be this simple? Anyway, I'm way too young.

I promised myself not to fall in love until I get a job and be financially independent. That's a rule.

Hhhhhmm but he seems to be so perfect for me. Besides that, he already told me he loves me and I decided he was honest. And I guess I do love him too. Uuugh what am I thinking about? He would so laugh at me if he could read my thoughts. He laughed at me last time...

No it can't be anything serious. I hope.

After that I slept until ten and read my textbooks until my lunch arrived. I feel like a royalty here. I may have developed a 'cough'. I should stay here longer.

Hehe okay that was a lie.

"Hey babe" And in came Asher with my lunch tray.

"Heyoo" I smiled. Hmm Alicia and Sally aren't here?

"I brought you your lunch queenie" he said slowly and sat next to me. While having my lunch, we chatted about school and Zayn.

Talking about the wolf, here he comes!

"Hey Coo-" he stopped abruptly when he saw Asher. Oh Allah. Jealousy full force now.

"Hey" Asher greeted and smiled.

"Come in" I said and mouthed 'FRIEND' to him. I wasn't really ready of Zayn fighting Asher because he came here before him.

"Yeah, uh Cookie, I guess I'll come later," he said and gave Asher a look of disgust. I don't like this attitude at all.

"Zayn" i said sounding very disappointed.

"Whaat?" He said, in the same voice as me.

"Hey man it's okay, I'm leaving" Asher said and pinched my cheeks before going push past Zayn.

He glared at Asher and took his place next to me.

We were both silent. I did not really like this type of behaviour. Poor Asher.

"Sorry" he said and looked at me. I looked back at him and we locked eyes for some time.

I was just looking a him. Who is he to me?

"Hug?" He suggested and I smiled.

It sounded sooo sweet.
I opened my arms and he crashed into me.

"I told you he's just a friend." I whispered against the hug. I decided he could touch me as long as it is not too haram because he won't obey anyway.

"Yeah, I know but... it just doesn't feel right when you're with another  guy. Anyway, I won't do it again now. " he said and I pulled back.

"Zayn..." I said, not  believing he really likes me. Is that a dream? Is he pretending? I don't know.

"Cookie... I -I really do like you a lot. And I care for y-" the door knocked, unfortunately cutting off his adorable speech.

"Come in" i shouted and in came my besties!

There was Alicia and Sally, Hilary, Presley, Willow, Celia and Félicia.

"Ohh heyy baby girrrl!" Hilary screamed and flung herself on me.
"Hello girls" i greeted, smiling broadly.

"Hey Awsh, sorry we couldn't come earlier, Potty took some extra time." Explained Sally and hugged me. One by ine they hugged me and I had the privilege  of smelling different smells of my friends'.

Some brought me flowers i was going to throw away and the rest brought me food which I was going to savour!

"Who is this?" Asked Celia, looking at Zayn like he was an alien.

"Oh, uhm, this is Zayn, my, uhm...my..." my what?

"Friend" Zayn said and winked at me discreetly. Hufff.

We talked until lunch was over and all of them went away, after making me revise a bit what they did. I didn't miss much.

I learnt that Rocco was in prison for a year. That's cool. Alhamdulillah.

After that, my day was peaceful and I still didn't get to talk to my parents. I'll do that first thing tomorrow. They don't know a thing about Zayn. Should I tell them?


Aslm everyone! I'm so happy I'm able to update so quickly huraaaayyy!! I'll have to edit to make it more 'muslimmy'

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