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( chapter two: stop stalking, you creeps )


the noise of a bell had awoken one of the student's in mr clarke's class, making everyone burst in laughter besides max. "ms liert, this is a fair warning. stop sleeping in my class."

the girl who had fallen asleep nodded, sitting up straighter as everyone continued packing up their notebooks into their backpacks. once mr clarke had dismissed the class, the students all rushed through the door and into the now 'packed with students' hallway.

it was now lunchtime, and macy and max had no idea where to stay or hangout. the two sisters walked side by side and stopped at their lockers, that were conveniently next to each other's.

macy's eyes averted to a small group of boys that had been staring at them for the past two minutes. she ignored them, and continued to stuff books into her locker that she didn't need for the next class.

macy noticed the boy's from a far distance were still looking at them, and decided to speak. "max these four boys keep staring at us from afar." she said in a whisper, and max slammed her locker.

macy jumped at the sudden sound that max had created with simply her hand and a locker, causing max to grin at the other girl.

"so stalking, basically?" max raised an eyebrow, and macy nodded.

"yeah, stalking. whatever," macy motioned with a sigh, "i'm slightly uncomfortable."

max chuckled, "don't worry about it. it's probably because we're new. it'll pass,"

macy nods, closing her blue locker gently (more gentle than max did), and started trailing behind her younger sister. max was only younger by a few months.

max had retrieved her skateboard that she kept in her locker in the morning, and started skating once they exited the building. all of the students were either playing around on the field or sitting and gossiping about whatever bullshit drama there was.

macy was stuck just sitting on the railing of the ramp that was next to the building, watching as her sister did countless tricks on her infamous skateboard of hers. macy had offered her some of her lunch, but she refused.

"macy, look behind me and check if those boys are stalking again please." max looked at macy with squinted eyes because of the bright light, with her hands on her hips.

macy slowly looked up so it wouldn't be noticeable that she was looking at them, and there they were.

there was will. the boy with brunette hair that sits next to her in mr clarke's class. then there was dustin, the boy with a bright smile and a red, white and blue hat.

there was mike. wavy black hair, light skin and high cheekbones. lastly, there was lucas. dark skinned, and was wearing plaid.

all four boys were both looking at the two redheads' direction, not one of them breaking eye contact.

"most definitely are." macy took the last bite of her sandwich, throwing the wrapper away and into the trash can that was beneath her.

max rolled her eyes, crumbling a paper she had in her hands and threw it away into the trash can. "i'll be in the bathroom," max told macy, and she nodded.

macy watched as max stomped her feet up the ramp and into the building they were in before. macy also noticed how grumpy and irritated max would always get, but she was used to it.

besides, max and her mother were new to the family so she was still trying to fit in and get comfortable.

loud running footsteps were being heard and macy noticed where it was coming from: the group of boys, also known as 'the stalkers'.

dustin was now rummaging desperately through the garbage below macy, and macy hopped off of the railing and onto the ramp. "the hell are you guys doing looking through the trash like that?"

the three boys that were trying to cover dustin all looked back at the voice that was talking to them, and tried to cover up with a story.

"uh," lucas stammered, "just looking for a pencil that my boy mike accidentally threw away. right mike?"

"yeah," mike chuckled, and macy had her eyes on will the whole time.

"these boys telling the truth will?" macy questioned, and will nodded vigorously up at the girl.

dustin had pushed himself up and out of the trash can, holding up a piece of paper in victory. "i got it! i got it!"

macy crossed her arms over her chest while the boys looked back at dustin disapprovingly. dustin had realized macy standing in front of the group, and his mouth wide open.

he tried hiding the crumbled up ball of paper behind his back, but macy motioned her finger to dustin, and he gave her the paper.

once macy finally finished unfolding the ball of paper, she read the words that were written in green marker with her sister's handwriting.

'stop stalking us u creeps' the paper read, and macy held up the paper like a sign and  showed the boys.

"that's my step-sister for you guys," macy grinned at her sister's marvelous plan.

"she's your sister?" will asked.

macy shook her head, "step-sister."

the boys all eyed macy up and down, then tilted their heads. "nope, don't see it." mike flailed his arms up, starting to walk away.

"really mike?" lucas called out, running after him.

macy furrowed her eyebrows, crumbling up the piece of paper again and into a ball, and throwing it once again into the trash can. she smiled at will innocently, dustin standing between the two awkwardly.

"well what's up with curly hair though?" macy crossed her arms over her chest again, and will shrugs slightly.

will looks at the beautiful girl before him, and shrugs. "i guess he's not used to talking to girls other than eleven."

"eleven?" the redhead looked at will, and noticed dustin nudge him with his elbow, giving him a 'what the hell' look.

"you'll know who she is eventually. i shouldn't have said anything," he turns to dustin, "sorry dusty."

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