Mickey to Karin to Sheilagh

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Secret agent man

Secret agent man

They've given you a number,

and taken away your name.

– Johnny Rivers (Secret Agent Man)


In 2192, they didn't even notice the change in the mirror, as there was no one who was protected by the temporal force field, not even imperfectly.

In one moment, Empress Hoshi had four sons on board the Defiant. Jun was in Communications, Kira was at the Science station, Arashi handled the bets on Game Night and collected the taxes, and Izo did the strong-arm collecting from anyone who was foolish enough to not pay their taxes on time or hand over a goodly percentage of their gambling earnings.

But then, in a nanosecond, she had three sons. Kira was still at the Science station. Arashi and Izo were still in charge of collections. But Hoshi herself was still working Communications.

For without a Rick Daniels, there was no Jun.

They had no way of knowing this, of course, but the 3110 mirror government had gotten their wish – there was no more temporal paradox. Jun was gone.


Rick arrived at the Temporal Integrity Commission and tried getting in. His time ship, the HG Wells, had a particular landing and entry code. He tried it repeatedly, and no dice.

He then remembered there was an overall code, for any ship. It was used for visitors. He tried it and, fortunately, it worked.

He maneuvered into the landing bay and an engineer stared at him. This was a Ferengi named Von, who sometimes helped out when the Human Unit was under the gun.

"Who the hell are you, and how did you get a time ship?" Von asked. He then tapped his left ear a couple of times in order to engage a Communicator that was permanently implanted. "Security!"

Rick grabbed the much shorter man by the arm. "Don't you know me?"

"Hands off," said the Ferengi, baring his crooked, pointy teeth.

"Wait, wait, oh damn," Rick said, and the even fuller enormity of it really began to hit him, "Tell you what, can you just take me over to Admiral Calavicci? Please? I'm not armed. My name is Rick Daniels."

Von thought for a moment. "All right, but don't try anything." Unlike Malcolm Reed, at least he wasn't armed, but Security certainly was.

They walked together to the conference room where the Human Unit was meeting. Von opened the door. "Carmen," he said, "this guy claims he knows you. Says he's Rick Daniels – he had the general docking code, so he's not just some stranger off the streets, I'm guessing."

"I've never seen you before in my life," she said.

"But I've seen you," Rick said, "and all of you, although you look a bit different, Sheilagh." She was darker, no longer really what anyone would call blonde.

"What? That makes no sense," said Sheilagh.

"I can tell all of you things about yourselves. And they might not perfectly align but I think they'll be close," Rick said, "and the reason they wouldn't align is because there's been a change. Somehow, I was wiped. And you're on one side of the change and, I am guessing, I'm on the other side of it."

"Is that even possible?" Carmen asked.

"The temporal force field's supposed to protect everything," Kevin said, "but we do know how Deirdre here was affected."

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