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(Edited: the -ram is an exstention to your name, it's a traditional Japaneses thing.)

(y/n)-Ram's P.O.V

i was staying in the tempal waiting for Hu-sogy and Gen (in the 2006 version Hu-sogy is a mu-tentn rabbit from japan that hangs out with Leo and Gen is a mu-tent rhino that hangs with Mikey that from japan you are a mutant lizzerred that hangs with them) "ugh when are they gonna get here!" you screamed "(y/n)-Ram were home!" Hu-sogy shouted as he came over to you "where were you too" you asked "taring" Gen manege to pant out you just started lagghing.  "OK (y/n)-Ram we have a party to go to come and be fast" Hu-sogy said as he opend a portal.

************time skip***********************

"omg there here" Mikey shouted "shut it shell fer brains"raph said wail hitting him "ow" is all mikey said as the 3 of you steped out of the portal. "hey Gen, Hu-sogy who is that with you?" leo questioed "this my good friend is (y/n)-Ram!" Gen stated as he pushed me forwered "hi im (y/n)" i said as i bowed "wow another mutent, do you think i could do some tests?" donnie asked "um.. first of not just unother mutent i live with them secont sure...just no neadles" i said as a girl with blond and grean hair came in. "hey raphi babe whos this" she asked pounting to me "oh just a friend" is all he said then kissed her "eeww pda grose" mikey screamed "shut it fart face" the girl said as she chaiesed him with raps sies  "get back here Marcy your gonna gat hurt!"raph shouted as he chased the 2. "so want to go do those test" donnie asked "yeah' is all i said

time skip

"ok so you were born like this and your parents died thats awfull" donnie said as he did an x-ray test "yeah im not sure who they were but i dont care" i said 'dang hes hot' i thout as i looked at the floor to hide my blushing "hey (y/n)?" donnie asked "yeah don?" you said "i was wondering if maybe we could hang out some time ya know just the 2 of us?" he asked "yeah sure" you said happley 'omg he wants to hang with me!!!!' you tought.


hey love's sorry for not posting in a bit but i had a big hockey game and was asked to a school dance by one of my team mates hes realy cute his name is Ja,mei he is supper nice to. so yeah its been a bit i know thats not an excuse but try telling your brother his best friend asked tou to a dance. i was forced to go drees shoping and have 4 dreeses there all realy pretty.

please vote in the coments witch i should were!! i love them all.

a) green knee lankth dress with a silver trim

b) blue ankel lankth with lots of riples like the sea

c) purple and violet poffy dress that is down to the middle of my lower leg

d) gray with black trim knee lankth

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